Art Thief?

About a year ago, i was trying to draw a My Little Pony to show my dad how good an artist i was. But, when I couldn't get it right, I asked my mom, who used to be an art teacher. She told me to tape the paper to my computer(I was trying to draw the shape from somethig online), and trace it. I made about 20 changes to the real work, so I assumed it was okay. But, my dad still wasn't too proud of me. I tried to draw a cat, but it just didn't look right. So I traced again. But, like before, i made several changes. I brought the pictures I drew that weekend to shcool with me to show my friends, but others from my class saw it and asked me to draw them stuff too. They acted so proud of me, I couldn't say 'no' to them. I still draw now, but... I make so many changes, not just in coloring... But now I can't help but think... Am I An Art Thief?

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  • If u want to mak ur dad happy suck his d***

  • If you draw something enough, even tracing it, you won't need to trace after a while

  • "Real" artists do this all the time. They take photos or even use others' photos, and then they basically trace or copy the photo with pen, pencil, and ink. There's nothing to be ashamed of regarding what you did, especially if you changed so many details.

  • Kid if you like tracing art, you can trace art however you wanna its not a criminal affect is it kid.

    So the answer to your question is NO, u can do whatever in life aswell kid and im sorry for calling you kid its just you are a kid

  • no your not an art thief perhaps a cloner but not a theif (at least not so long as there is no profit to be made) art theives generally sneak into museums and take the art

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