I'm sorry

I'm sorry. I put so much pressure on you, but you were just a student. With student loans. I was working and surrounded by people who could afford to go out to dinners and buy needless things. You tried your best and in the end it could never be good enough. I was a cold materialistic heartless b****. I took your heart and crushed it. Made you feel like you were not good enough because you didn't have free money or time to spend. I know I was your first great love. I'm sorry that only now I have the eyes to see.

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  • I had a girlfriend like you when I was a young man. She was my first true love, and she put me through the wringer more than once, and I was young and dumb enough to put up with it. Yes, she also broke my heart, and over the yrs. at times I would daydream about her and wonder what her life was like? I met an old friend of hers a few months ago, and she told me the old girlfriend is an alcoholic who treats her husband like s***! Reminded me of the ole saying,"watch out what you pray for, you might just get it!'

  • I actually can relate to this comment, its safe to say you dodged a bullet.

  • Don't worry about it you fall into the majority of women whom are puppets, dancing on other guys hard c*** for cash while in the process of destroying the people around you who actually care about you.

  • This b**** is a c** stain!

  • first love bit full of yourself are we not...


  • yeah whats the matter, you had to return to the street corners to raise cash for your new found drug habit.
    Your used up raw hide p**** is of no use now so stop complaining about! and get back to drinking client c** S***!.

  • Yea you f***** up just being real not sugar coating s*** money should never be a factor one day you got it and the next your friend or lover could have it to lend or pay for you always treat people right cuz sometimes you can be blessed by another who you treated right good luck to u ya in the future tho

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