I'm sorry.

I am 15 years old. I was with a girl. Her name was kristen. We were only together for five months but at 2 months we had s**. At 4 months we found out she was pregnant. Weeks later. She leaves me. She had my son and i can't even see him. Sometimes i feel that its my fault that she left. That i wasn't good enough. I'm sorry kristen. I'm sorry i wasn't good enough. I hope your treating our son the best.

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  • Dude, its not you. her issues are her own. the problem or problems lie within her. another possibility is that maybe her family is keeping her from seeing you (don't know the whole story here). but you do have parental rights.

  • I agree with the previous commentor, you have rights as the father of this child.
    One the subject of Kristen (and i know i do not have the specifics here, but i'm going to attempt some general advice to perhaps guide you on improving matters) have you actually asked her why she left? It may be as simple as that she felt it too complicated at your ages to maintain a relationship with everything else going on, she may actually still feel for you on some level perhaps.
    However, and i know this is going to make me sound like a bad guy, we must also realistically consider the possibility that she does not, and maybe never really did, feel strongly about you. In youth we all play around, experiment etc. and even in some cases believe at the time that these things are real and genuine... but we're young.
    I sincerely hope this isn't the case with you, especially with a child involved, and so i strongly suggest you actually speak to her... if she refuses, perhaps follow legal action to gain access to your child, but i would advise not being too aggressive in legal methods as this may affect your relationship with her... and i hope that there is something to be salvaged for you : ) good luck

  • Why can't you see him? Did you give up your parental rights? Maybe you should talk with her to work somethings out. You have a right to see your son.

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