My Mother-in-law

Here is my confession I live in UK I have never told this to anybody idk if there is something wrong with me but I want to f*** my MIL she's really beautiful hot young and sexy nice firm big ass! And always wears G-Strings and things I know cuz one time she was cleaning and bended over and saw her nice bright sexy red G-String my reaction was OMG :O I just kept staring and staring my eyes would not even turn around to at least make sure I was Guna get caught. but I think she did it on purpose lately she has been kinda flirting in some way with me.

My MIL and i have a really good connection tords each other we get along so good idk if its me but I think she has this secret crush on me. So one time I walked into her bedroom and went through her dirty cloths I couldnt resist the temptation I found some of her sexy g strings she wore and I sniffed it it was the best feeling and smell ever she's so clean! I somehow started to j******* to them idk y but I sometimes wish she could just catch me wanking my d*** maybe it could turn her on! But till then I'm will continue doing this now I know this is wrong so I dnt need the comments saying " dnt do it! " or "stop" I want some advises thanks

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  • Fake.

  • I will f*** u

  • It sounds like she might be up for you f****** her. Get her into a situation where you're alone and feel her out about it. Say something nice and give her a hug and a peck on the cheek and see if that leads to a real kiss...and then to a home run! ;)

  • damn I'm in the same situation. I've sniffed my mother in laws panties and found a pair of vibrating thongs in her drawer and think about her constantly when I m*********. I'm so tired of seeing her without a bra on and not being able to do anything about it. She will get down on all fours right in front of me to pick something up knowing I'm trying to look down her shirt and she won't let me do a damn thing about it. All I've been able to do is try and catch her in her laundry room when she changes so I can get a quick glimpse of her either shirtless or in her panties. I would love to get her fully naked spread out in front of me. Oh well, just a fantasy.

  • Poster:
    Damm man I understand exactly how u feel I want her so bad she's just a sexy good looking woman!!
    Someday huh haha

  • You need help with your spelling more than making up childish stories. You are either about 12 years old or just plain thick. Do your parents live on benefits? Like so much of the low life these days

  • Domb b****!! And ur prabably some f**** old f*** who doesn't even get s** anymore the closest to s** for u is reading these stories haha!

  • Dude just bend the b**** over, put your arm around her neck, squeese a bit and f*** the living s*** out of her, make sure you f*** her good and ask her if you can do this more often.
    Btw i am a bit jalous.

    Best Of Wishes, The Annonymous Annonym

  • THATS WUS UP!! I like the way u think! Hahaha

  • Perhaps consider how your wife might feel about it?
    Just sayin...


  • can't help you friend sorry

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