how does anyone REALLY know for sure

how does anyone REALLY know for sure that God exists? What if its all just a fiction made up to help people feel better? the bad thing is, i once was a devout Christian.

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  • God is a superstition....................a fake.....a fraud...............and an utter nonsense. The Pope is Gods stand up comic.................what a where is that lightning rod.come on bring it on you phukka........................

  • I love to see all the comments above. It shows that people have an interest in the subject of God, whether they believe in Him or not. Pesonally, I think you can 99% REALLY know there is a God based on the following:

    1. We're here. We're alive. Where did we and the universe originally come from? It had to start somewhere. It started from the hand of the eternal God.

    2. We have morals. Some people are sick and immoral, but in general we have an idea of right and wrong. That comes from the great moral being, God. He made us so that most of us try to do good in this world.

    3. We are intelligent beings. We rationalize. We reflect, project, and expect because we have intellect. We're not like any other animal because there is a God who has given us the gift to think abstractly and to hope and dream.

    4. If anyone took the time, you will know that the Bible isn't fiction. It was written by 40-ish number of authors and over a span of 1500 years, and if you give it a fair shake, it's obvious that it was not intended to be fiction like "Moby D***" or "War and Peace". It was intended to be a serious presentation of God and His acts in history. And with the 40 authors over so much time, it's amazing that there's one united message that keeps coming across: God is real and we will answer to Him someday. The Bible is unlike holy books of other religions because of its numerous authors over a great span of time and yet presenting one united message.

    5. The Bible has prophecy throughout its pages and they were fulfilled in history. Some are waiting to be fulfilled, but the prophecies fulfilled so far are amazing in detail and accuracy. This shows that there's some guiding force behind it all and that guiding force is God.

    6. We hear about ghosts today or about near-death experiences with people saying they saw a light or something like that. We hear about mediums and spiritists talking to the dead. The Bible actually condemns mediums, etc, but the point is that these accounts show that there might be an afterlife or this spiritual world out there. There is, and God rules it.

    7. Ironically, Satanic worshippers prove there is a God. If there is a devil, there is a God who rules over him. The Bible talks about Satan and his followers, but fortunately, it also talks about God judging the devil someday as well.

    8. Miracles happen occasionally. They defy the laws of nature. It's not reported a lot but people talk about them. I'm not talking about the Red Sox winning the World Series either but a real miracle like some child's leukemia disappearing.

    9. Some people have heard God. Yes, a quiet voice. It's not schizophrenia or some hallunication. But God talking like He spoke to people in the past. Demonic voices talk too, and you have to discern God's voice in the midst of it all. It's rare, I admit, but it happens. God is a talker! And He sovereignly chooses when He'll talk audibly to certain people.

    10. Jesus is mentioned a few times outside of the Bible. Not a lot, but He is mentioned. So it should be admitted that He was a real person, and not a myth. Some could say that He was misguided or simply a teacher, but if one could concede that He truly lived, and you combine that with the authority and reliability of the Bible from my points #4 and 5 earlier, one needs to consider, "Was God truly born of a virgin and come to save us from our sins?" I think yes.

    11. Changed lives. Many people have credited God for reforming their alcoholism, violent tendencies, gambling or p********** addiction, etc. Yes, people can credit whatever too, like their friend or their lucky rabbit's foot, but that doesn't deny the fact that many people have experienced God's power and presence to help them overcome something they didn't feel they could do on their own.

    12. Ultimately, it still takes faith though. One needs to take that step after weighing all the evidence and choosing to believe in the God that is out there. If you choose to say sincerely, "Lord, show me that You are real", and you walk out in faith, He will show himself to the sincere.

    I'm sorry that you used to be a devout Christian, and I don't know what circumstances existed, but God is real, and as loving and all-powerful as ever. I hope you can make your peace with Him someday.

  • its like this. there is the earth, but what is past that? space/universe/infinity if there is infinity, then that means that EVERYTHING is possible/exists/doesn't exist at the same time.

    and if there isnt ant infinity, then what made us? big bang? big bang means the universe is just a big box thats growing, but will lose momentum as it goes and will in the end collapse on itself sooo.

    either we are in a God made box, or we are in a God made infinity or we are in a never ending infinity and God somehow came into existence.

    i Myself believe that the Universe came from a big bang type deal, and is still expanding.

    i don't believe in the Christian Teachings. i believe what i want too, what i feel if right too me.
    if you are unsure now, in time you will find what is right with who you are, just don't push it and do not let others force their beliefs on you.

    Christianity/Catholicism/Mormonism are all "man made" versions of Judaism they all have the same God. kind of messed up that God would let so many people mess "His" word up and put into so many different books.

    im done, these subjects get me to rambling on and on

  • We can't know for certain, but some things lead people like me to faith. Did you see the National Geographic channel's "Inside the human body"? How can you look at and think about a baby and its development before and after birth and not think this was arranged by Someone?

  • ME,I have went to church since I was born and able to read,which was around 3.
    I dont know what I think. From all the hypocrites that pollute a church,how exactly can u focuz on the word without someone gossiping about whos f****** whos wife??
    To me,church wont save anyone.Im sure that SiteShrink would agree(i think). Only what you BELIEVE should save you IF your Christian.
    Me,I WAS a Christian. But I am always doubting and its hard to be sure. I want proof.Thats what all mankind wants.If they had it,more REAL Christians would be around. I WANT to believe,it's just that something is ticking at me that Its not for me. I mean,with so many variations of Christianity,I think EVERYONE is confused about what they really wish to do and what religion they want,because the variations are just about what PEOPLE WANT in a church and not exactly what the bible says.
    So,yes Im a little skeptic,but hey,it never hurts to believe what you want.

    SiteShrinkInTraining *smile*

  • yes, you ARE done

  • more religious psychobabble-


    1. If a billion Chinese people do not believe in the White Christian grandpa God are they automatically going to red devil h***?

    after further thought, this could possibly work as long as they do not put MSG in my food...

    2. Was Jesus as depicted in so many pictures, a doughy eyed white guy with flowing brown hair. Well, he was born in the MIDDLE EAST, a mecca of doughy eyed white guys with flowing brown hair. Would the Evangelical kids in Colorado worship Jesus with the exact same vigor if he turns out to be olive skinned and thin black hair and no white features? their heaven forbid, black and a flat nose?

    3. What is wrong with FREEWILL? Why does the right get their panties in a wad when something is easily debunked? Leonardo Da Vinci was ridiculed, The earth is flat was debunked. It is high time that we admit to ourselves that all this religious crap is a great part of our heritage and traditional values, but it is bullshit. Why is this such a bitter pill?

    4. Is God a republican? (snicker!)

    5. Dinosaurs roamed the earth 6000 years ago when the earth was created by white grandpa god in 6 days and Adam and Eve and the dinosaurs had a jam band and rocked out together?

    Yeah, I may be an ahole, but please spare me the bullshit. Admit that the bible is meant to be a handbook for living a moral life taken FIGURATIVELY as opposed to LITERALLY!

    ok, im done.

  • to the agnostic, maybe that's what i am too.

  • to the last commentor, that's what scares me, that if i don't believe and it IS true, then i will burn eternally.

  • Amen, as always, to SiteShrink. :)

    This reminds me of a saying I've heard a few times, if there really is no God, it won't hurt me either way to have lived and believed in one, but those of you who say there isn't had better hope you're right!

  • Knowing whether God exist or not is a personal thing. It's a question only you can answer for yourself. I'm a die hard Christian and i believe all the things that were said by the second commenter. I believe the Bible is supposed to be taken literally and I could go on all day about how and why I believe the way I do but that wouldn't help you because you are not me. See the truth is no matter what people say about what I believe I'm at peace with myself. I'm convinced in what I believe in through my own personal experiences. So it's not for me to try and convince you or anyone else for that matter. You are the only one who can answer that question. You have to search yourself and decided what makes the most sense to you. If you thinkg that there's no way there can be a God and you are happy with that then by all means. But it can't come from somebody else. Because if I can convince you there is a God through conversation then someone else can convince you there isn't and you will be confused for the rest of your life.


  • yeah i always ask myself that question. and in some ways i really think it is bullshit and its made up in a way to make people feel better! i mean every religion no matter which one, they all come down to the same thing! Life after death. no one really knows and that scares people. people just dont wanna die and thats it thats scary to have to leave behind everything and everyone that will keep going on! That why they find religion so they have something to say ok when i die thats not it. But i think that when you die you find peace i dont think there is an all mighty god sitting on his throne judging us and dissideing weather weather we should go to heaven or h***. i think as humans we know if we're good person or not...inless your sick in the head but i think we know whats right and wrong and i dont think that the 10 commanments are right either i could go on and on about this all day! just be happy with yourself live a happy heathy life. dont carry around hate and dont judge people.

  • I'm agnostic. I don't know what I believe anymore.

  • I always thought God was Bullshit. However, I respect other peoples beliefs and points of view. Having said that, anyone that thinks the earth is 6000 years old, Adam and Eve were on earth when there were dinosaurs, the bible is meant to be taken literally as opposed to figuratively, and dinosaurs on the ark? well, be nice to these idiots but inside your head you can laugh and laugh and laugh!!!

  • I haven't believe in God since I was six years old, actually.

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