Religion bashing - wtf

Seriously, there's alot of Religion bashing going on. I think it's silly. Just think about this before you start going off on someones beliefs.

There are alot of different religions, but they all try to answer the same questions: Who am I, why am I here, what will happen to me when I die, and how should I live with other people?

There are myriad ways you can answer those questions. Most of them are religious.

An answer is Religious if it requires you to invoke a measure of faith.

Faith is required wherever you cannot look to the world for an answer and instead must accept as true something outside the world we experience. God, properly understood, cannot be directly experienced the way a sock can - you don't see or touch God. You just have to rely on faith that God exists. Religion looks to proxies and icons to represent its ideals, not the things themselves (i.e. we get the bible, not a conversation with God. The bible is taken by some *on faith* to be the word of God).

The only reason to have faith is because you personally believe in something. There is no background justification available for a question of faith. You either believe and have faith or you do not believe and you do not have faith. There are no good or bad reasons for having faith - faith is about something which transcends experience. Faith is what you believe in your heart for lack of better phraseology.

Atheism, too, is a question of faith. Atheism says that there is no such thing as God because God is not one of the things we experience (unlike, say, socks) and so there is no God. This still requires faith. The question still remains - how do you know there is no God *outside* of the world we experience?

An Atheist and a Christian (or Muslim, Buddhist, etc) both look at the world and see that there is no direct experience of God. They both say "There is no God in the world of experience". The Atheist adds to that "and the world of experience is all that exists". But there is no way to know that any more than the Christian can know that there *is* something beyond it. An Atheist, like me, is simply someone who believes in their heart that this world is all that exists.

Only the Agnostic is faithless. Atheists are in fact ideologically identical to Theists, they just answer the same questions differently (but still on faith). Neither is more or less rational. Neither is better.

So why do the people with a different religious ideology think something different than you? Because they accept, on faith, that something is true (the same way you accept the things that you believe).

There is absolutely no point to arguing or fighting about a question of faith. Nothing you've ever experienced can resolve one - you believe only because you, in your heart, believe something to be true. By corollary, you can never convince someone else that you are right and that they are wrong on a question of faith.

Feb 8, 2012

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  • Its very sad, but i will point out that the only answer to your problems is god and can only be found in the bible and the bible alone has all the answers. talk about creation, the origin of man, death, heaven, holy and fallen angels, origin of sin, satan (devil), end of this world, the antichrist, false prophets, false doctrines, the occult, ghosts, the second coming of jesus christ, the destruction of satan and his angels.

  • I think you missed his point. His point was that all religion is based on faith (which is true), meaning that just because you believe in a religion does not mean that everyone else will believe in it (since it is highly personal and a matter of the heart). If what you believe is something you can feel within you, then awesome. But it is obviously not the same for him, and for many other people, and that is just fine as well.

  • Agnostic is not faithless, they have faith thwre is a higher power they just don't know wht it is. The truely faithless(ie myself) are secular humanists, I believe nothing that is not proven. I have no predisposition for/against the existence of a divine entity, dis/prove its existence and ill believe it

  • Actually, that is not the definition of agnosticism. Look it up. There are different scales of agnosticism, yes, but many, if not most, agnostics are like what the author is describing. Basically, they do not think you can prove or disprove the existence of any god or the claimed truths of any religion, and therefore they don't believe in anything.

  • What are you confessing, exactly? Sanctimoniousness?

  • Religion is brainless nonsense full of lies and exaggerations and invented to control gullible believers.

  • If you haven't accepted Jesus as your Personal Savior you don't know what the h*** you are talking and should STFU.

  • Well you obviously haven't either... F****** hypocrite.

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