I am a high school girl. I am a christian, I have not always been one though. I was however raised in a christian family that always went to church and sunday school... but we kind of broke away from that. I came back to Christ as an assembly of god about a year ago. I never had the best relationships with my parents, my friends got me in trouble. My parents and friends were not Christians. I was living my life in sin. I was a cutter, and I experimented with drugs and alcohol before. I used bad language. Wore all black and dyed my hair crazy colors. I thought that all of those things defined me... I was wrong. The only problem that I never was able to solve was my sexuality. I have a big suspicion that I am bisexual. This was not a problem to me for a while... I figured that it would solve itself in time... well a while a go I suffered a tragic family loss and it pushed me to want to get right with god. I have not missed a youth group since. I pray constantly and I try to make myself better every day. This problem still exists. It's almost written in bold print. "sure, your a christian.... but why do you have feelings for girls" I do know that Jesus loves me, and I invite him into my heart all of the time.. however I don't feel right. I know how my new christian friends feel about this subject, so I have never told them this personal conflict. I don't think I want to change... I don't know if I should think that. I know that I want a husband and kids someday... I just also know that I am equally attracted to girls. I've been reading books, and looking things up all of the time and all it has gotten me is more confusion. I've come to realize that there is no human right answer to this question, only god can determine my fate. However, this whole matter depresses me at times, and is not easy to ignore.

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  • If you accept Jesus into your heart, you will be saved. I'm so happy for you that you have found faith in God. I used to be a cutter, too, and my faith really helped me get through that. Keep praying about your sexual orientation. I know it's rough. It might also be good for you to talk to someone who would be sympathetic and who is also a Christian. He/she might have some good perspective. Remember also that even though some parts of the Bible say that homosexuality is a sin, YOU are still one of God's children and he loves you very much.

  • God does not care if u are gay, straight or bisexual. You are a child of God and he is acceptant of everyone. What you feel is right is Gods answer too he only wants the best for u. If people try and take out random bible passages about u likeing girls or wat not they are idiots. The bible im sorry was written by people maybe from what God has said but u know what no one can change u thats how God made u so ofcourse thats how he wants u to be. Keep strong and God bless

  • Listen it is man who tells you what God says and feels but listen God loves you. Jesus said the most important thing is to love HIm and to love others. God looks at the heart and not the outside. God cares for you, do not punish yourself for whatever you do in life. God Bless.

  • You remind me of my sister. She's still a devout christian, but she doesn't take everything in the bible literally, just believes that if you accept God into your heart, you'll get into heaven and what not. She's admitted to me that she's bisexual, yet still has complete faith in God. I, on the other hand, gave him up a long time ago. I hope you'll come to better terms with yourself and religion and what not. :D

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