A bad week

On mondy i found out that my g/f who i startd dating 6 mos. ago has been hooking it with another guy. then the next day somebody else told me it was 3 guys. then yesterday i found out she was actually doing 6 guys. when i asked her if she was datng somebody else she said no but i told her i knew about these other guys and she just laghed and said thats not dating its just s** and she was only dating me and nobody else. i said i didnt want to share her with nobody else and she just laughed again and sadi thats too bad becase she wasnt gonna stop getting with whoever she wants to get withwhenever she wants to get with them. i love her and i dont want to breack up but its too embarasing to be her b/f and have her out ther going after all these guys and who knwows how many others. we were suposed to go out tonite but i canceled and she was p***** and said she would make me sorry even more than i all ready am so who knows what she will do or who with or where theyll be doing it. i knew she was sexed up but i didnt think she was so nasty. i dont want to loose her but i dont think i can stand this.

Apr 28, 2012

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  • Oh my goodness, leave this girl right away. Have you no self respect? It might seem hard now, but the second you start walking it will gte easier!

  • Let the hoe go.. this is how you get std's. by f****** one person who will f*** anybody.. smh

  • Put this in you pipe and smoke it.

    1. Multiple s** partners today... can even cause cancer. If you go down on her, not only could you be at risk of throat cancer... but you have been sucking the d**** of 6 other guys by proxy.

    2. Sloppy c*** to mind. Trust me, if she ever said she would comit... how long do you think it would last... really. 1 c***, and she is used to 6 in a sitting. Pass dude.

    I can't stop thinking of an old used car with a sag in the drivers seat and doors that don't close correctly.

  • Leave. In a month, you'll be asking yourself why you would stay with someone who treated you like dirt.

  • hey op old bean any updates on how your gf was gonna make you sorry or did you make her sorry by having her parents break up with her for you

  • She's obviously a w****. No great loss. Adios. Sayonara. Goodbye. Good riddance.

  • I totally, totally agree with this first commenter. If s** outside the relationship wasn't a part of the deal at its inception --- and I submit that open relationships aren't the standard or the default, and so they can't be presumed to exist without discussion and agreement by the parties --- then she's violated your trust. She has, however, also established a new standard which you can either accept, by having secretive s** with other women outside the relationship (mirroring her behavior) if you so choose, or reject, by breaking it off. If you're looking for a recommendation, mine is to break it off. In her back. This is clearly not the kind of woman who will ever be able to bring you very much love and peace and happiness, because you'll always be wondering who's hitting that s*** when you aren't hitting that s***: all you'll know for sure, at any given moment, is that if she isn't laying on her back with her legs open in front of you, then she's laying on her back with her legs open in front of some other guy, maybe even somebody you know, since she obviously doesn't care about your feelings or about embarrassing you. I think if you don't break it off there'll be more, and perhaps greater, pain in your future. Sorry.

  • hi jesus freak (i understand i've been trolling you for a while now so i'll just say hi...)

  • She has already demonstrated that she doesn't love you by a.- lying to you, and b.- not caring about your feelings.

    She's already made her true colors known. Leave her and don't look back.

    Ask God to let her know what it feels like. (He is most persuasive). Good luck and God bless you. Marry (that's marry not live with) some girl who loves you. (You'll be able to tell if she loves you, because if she does, she won't treat you like s***.

    Good luck partner.

  • dude unless your relationship is agreed to be open from the beginning she's raping your trust... and thus raping you... either dump her or payback f*** other people and see if she likes your secretive f****...

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