The boss lady

I normally avoid my wifes work parties but i didnt have an excuse one night last weekend and so i had to go to one of her stupid project ending parties at a bar. even though shes been working there almost a year i had never met her boss who is a woman in her late 40s. shes not beautiful at all or very well built but shes hot as fresh s***. i tried avoiding her radar but it didnt work. she had me walk her to her car when she left and asked my wife if it was okay so she was covered. the minute we got outside the door she started talking all this nasty s*** and how she wanted a man to play with on the side because she loved to cheat and then when we got to her car around the side of the building she started rubbing my d*** through my pants and got me super hard. i still tried to resist but she kept talking nasty s*** and rubbing and rubbing and so i finally just threw her nasty ass in the back seat of her bmw and f***** the holy s*** out of her. now shes calling me every day like five times a day and telling me shes gonna get my wife fired if i dont keep f****** her on the side. what she doesnt know is that i actually want to keep f****** her because i liked f****** her and i dont want to quit. im just playing her to make her beg and thats what shes doing. i like how desperate she is and how bad she wants me to f*** the s*** out of her. i dont care about the cheating i just care about that hot p**** shes got. damn this b**** is nasty.

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  • I you didn't start a bad habit, you would be in this mess, looking what you said, divorce court, alimony checks to your ex-wife CAUSE you couldn't keep your pants up, what a dork, I see you have a future with that nasty woman, good luck to your ex-wife Soon to be.

  • Ienvy you. I wish I could get something so incredibly good outside my marriage. About all I ever got was some drunk married b****** from the bars, and even though they are totally ready for s**, they just aren't all that good (but I wouldn't tell them that). You're a lucky man.

  • Em divorce your wife so she isn't a problem anymore?

  • Nh, I actually love my wife. this nasty b**** is just a little something on the side thats easy to get into and out of. i mean the boss lady f**** so good that i could be with her fulltime and i could easily fall in love with that p**** shes got. you really would not believe how good that p**** of hers is. DAMN!

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