What is this "love" thing?

I'm 20 and still a virgin. It seems like everyone is getting laid or getting into relationships... And the only boyfriend I ever managed to have just wanted parts of my anatomy. Why is that a lot of men these days seem to only care about mindless f-king? What is the point of dating or getting married anymore? I get pangs of jealousy when I see couples who can be so happy and intimate without worry. But then I think maybe I wasn't ever meant to attract the opposite s**, find a soulmate, or have a family.
And it doesn't help that I'm an insecure, anxious, shy, and unsocial girl who has suffered depression for years and now self-medicates.

Some guy I was talking to told me that s** and love are better than drugs... But I'm not sure I believe him.

I'm going to stick with dope for now. So far it's been the most reliable thing that takes the suffering away.

Apr 29, 2012

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  • So i understamd where your coming from. But maybe you should step away from the "dope" and be out there go shopping and get new clothes. change your hair color anything that can make you feel good about yourself. When you find yourself talking to guys be confident... or even look confident. because guys like confidence. Change what you wanna change dont let depression or others let you down. just know that your unique and no one is exactly like you.

  • Hey there friend, I want to you first know you are not alone in this at all. I am twenty years old and a virgin as well, and I have never ever been in a relationship. The last two times a guy was interested in me it felt like they were only in it for what was under my clothes. I feel pangs of jealously whenever my friends get into relationships and are very happy as well, and also have had several years suffering depression and anxiousness. Unlike you, I have no turned to drugs just because I don't want to feel like I have "given up" and turned to them to make it easier as I am a fighter. I know you are too. That's what human is about; surviving. Honestly, you sound like a lovely girl with a great head on her shoulders with an old soul. I say that because you do know the meaning of a relationship while others seem to have the mindset on s**. Relationships are for reasons much more than that. I've been told that if you think like that, it is mostly likely that down the road you are going to be the type a guy falls in love with... and not a girl he just bangs and moves on. Keep your self respect and keep your head up. There is nothing more sexier than confidence in yourself. :)

  • If you want to attract good men be slightly attractive. If you want to attract bad men be extremely attractive. So why are no men attracted to you?

  • love the sacrificing of ones self for others.i'm the opposite s** haha and i may or may not be cute enough to be in a relationship based entirely on looks i'd say i'm not but i'll let you decide and really just pieces of you i mean your not hot without personality and your not nice without looks (or something to that effect) i have the urge to find some jaffa cakes

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