Taking secret pics of my gf

I have a girlfriend who has large b****. She is a Mormon and we are both only 15 so we don't engage in any sexual activity but she is incredibly good looking. As a result of this when me and her are together I will take pictures with my phone of her cleavage or her butt when she is completley unaware of it. I know that she is self concious about her body and completley disapproves of anybody seeing anything forbidden on her. When she wears dresses I put my phone on camcorder mode and put it on the floor and trick her into standing over it. Doing all of this makes me feel terrible but I just can't stop. How wrong is this and any advice on how to stop it??

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  • Carful, she could be like Jodi Arias lol

  • My advice,leave her dude,Mormon's arent worth waiting 7 or 8 years just to marry them and have boring ass, reproduction-only missionary s** just to have kids who will most likely probably become mormon like her as you'll probably have to "convert" just to marry her in the first place. If you're h**** and want underage s**, Dont go after the religious chick,yea they can be hot sometimes but they're so boring and one-dimensional,go for stoner b****** or ones who smoke,they'll f*** ya.

  • honestly your not the only one bro its natural if their hugh n awesome why not but if you wanna stop than your gonna have to control yourself dude ive done that to my ex's no regrets they all had perfect t*** and nice a**** but if you love her that much and you really respect her you should stop asap before u get caught dude !

  • This is why Mormonism is bad. It drives people away from healthy sexual activity and encourages them to become perverts.

  • that's called voyeurism and the best way i can suggest you stop is to leave your phone in your pocket and never pull it out when she's around (oh warning most guy's on this site massive pervs so they'll be asking for your pics and video's) peace out mo sucra oh yeah and mormon's make me laugh hahaha, "jesus wasn't resurected he was recreated..." hahahahaha

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