15 and never kissed a boy

Im a 15 year old girl.. and never kissed a guy. I asked my friend if it was normal and he pretty much laughed in my face about it.He's pretty much the only person i trust in the whole world.. now i feel like a loser because i haven't.. i've only had two boyfriends, they didn't even count as boyfriends cause i never really saw them because i lived in the boon docks. Im in a grade that everones younger then me because i stayed back in kindergaden(longStory). and i have this thing that i can't stand dating anyone younger then me. so tell me.. is this normal.. or am i just a pathetic loser?

Apr 29, 2012

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  • It’s normal. Don’t let peer pressure bother you. I’m a guy and was 17 before my first anything (was shy) so don’t worry about what other people do. Concern yourself with you and when it’s comfortable and right FOR YOU then keep it to yourself and just enjoy it. Other people will always make it seem like they’ve done more or better experienced even when they’re not so that they won’t feel bad. Can’t believe what everyone says

  • You are not a loser. It's normal. Not everyone loses their virginity or shares a kiss in high school. Things happen for people at different times in their lives. It's not a competition. It will happen for you when you're ready and when you find the right guy. P.S. Your friend is a douche. Dating someone younger - when you're in the same grade is not that big of an age difference. You probably have more in common with, try giving someone a chance.

  • it's normal enough i'm nineteen and haven't kissed any one, dated any one, or even well you know banged any one now it's not that i didn't want to it's that they for whatever reason didn't want to date f*** and kiss me so yeah any way i'm not a total loser said my friends who all had well s** dates and kisses before me so yeah just go to parties (which i didn't do again not because i didn't want to just no invites) and you'll get kissed (and prolly the other gubbins) a ton and enjoy life (which i tried)

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