Dating older guy

I'm now dating with an older guy, 15 years older than me. all my friends are laughing at me saying i should find a younger guy. i find this insecure because every time someone ask me about my boyfriend, my friends (girls) are like, laughing and saying things like "don't bring that up, she's dating an old man." innocently. it hurts my feeling so much.

i don't get it. it's nothing wrong with me loving an older guy i think it is normal. i am serious with this guy and we have s** every time we meet. he is more caring than all my friends' boyfriends. but to think that all my friends don't like him, this puts me in dilemma.

why did they say those things to me especially when they're not treated well by their own boyfriends? i know some of them are jealous of me having boyfriend while some of them are still single, or being played by their boyfriends.

anyway i can't do this things alone. i don't wanna lose my friend so don't give me any advice to not to listen to my friend's words. i just have do something to fix this. but how? i tried to tell them to stop teasing me but they think i'm a freak and i am not normal because i can't accept it as a joke. and yes that's not a joke for me.

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  • I wouldn't worry about what they say. My girl friend now wife is 13 years younger than me. We have a great life together as we share a lot of common interest and I appreciate her every day. Their not really your friends if they don't have your happiness in mind.

  • Sounds like your so called friends are a little to immature ! maybe you need to find some new friends that share a little more of a mature attitude as you do....

  • Immature r jelous tel them u dont find it funny and to drop it

  • You are right there is nothing wrong with you dating someone older then you, if you both agree and want to date each other then that is your buiness and no one else's However this kind of relationship is looked at as inapropriate by the majority of societies old timers who grew up brainwashed and believing in this as they were taught to believe and most likly will or have taught their own children to believe in this way of thinking also, so don't stress yourself over it just keep on being true to yourself because you are normal and no one knows your needs, desires and feeling more then you!!

  • You should not be dating someone 15 years older than you

  • You should not be on here telling her who she shouldn't be dating or loving, simply because it's none of your business if you disagree with what she is doing, fine you're entitled to your opinions and beliefs and applying those opinions and beliefs to you and your own family..

  • be your self do not listen to your friends

  • I date an odler guy 10 yr difference we now have a little boy and are getting married....i wouldnt change things for the world. You cant help who you fall in love with.

  • You may just need to work on yourself and your response to the kidding. You don't say how old you are, but I suspect a little on the young side, based on your friend's attitudes. You should not let your friends dictate who you date. If they had valid points about him it might be one thing, but it sounds like they are just busy trying to bring you down.

    You may want to work on talking points or responses to them...good mature ones, that is. The heart is ageless after all.

  • A 15 year difference is nothing. You need to find more mature friends.

  • He loves your young p****.

  • So what if he loves young p**** it's really none of your business, now is it? I personally could care less if a young and older want to be together or just f*** each other, that's none of my business so I say leave them alone, you can't change the world of human nature...

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