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I've been best friends with a guy for nearly two years now and I think I've developed feelings for him, though I don't want them present. I'm twenty and this is the first time I've ever thought a certain special way about another person of the opposite s**, as I've had many guy friends in the past. The problem is that I know I am not his type because honestly, I am a bit overweight and he is clearly attached to girls who are slim. He also has a crush on another girl who he has expressed his feelings to and is now waiting for her reply. He's told me all about her and how much he misses her and likes her, and I've been constantly helping him with the process. It doesn't help when he compliments me with things like "I wish more girls were like you" and saying "I like girls who.." and lists things that match with me. It also doesn't help when he rests his head on my shoulder and thanks me later for the comfort because he was thinking about the other girl. He's also told me in a game of Truth that He could imagine us married, though not exactly "together." Just simple moves like grabbing my wrist and touching my shoulder make me unbearably confused. I honestly think he just views me as a very close intimate friend, because we are very close in this short amount of time.. I want him to be happy with that other girl because sometimes I feel unworthy of him.

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  • i'm sorry i didn't read all that but i got the picture you have a therapeutic friend relationship and you want to date him and i have no way to help you so now i feel bad because i'm incapable of helping

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