Im fifteen and never kissed a guy

Im fifteen and never kissed anyone, i told my best friend and he pretty much laugh at my face and called me a loser. I rarly ever date and only dated two guys although i didn't really date them. one guy named chase i really liked but he dated alot of girls so i was too afraid to kiss him. im in a grade where everyones one year younger then me because i stayed back in kindergarden(longStory). And i dont date people younger then me. I was just wondering... is it normal? And or is there someone out there with the same problem? Please help!

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  • I had my first kiss at 21. That's probably extreme. I'm pretty normal but very shy and from a conservative family. I don't think I'm weird. Don't let the world define normal.

  • w****!!!!!!!

  • FAKE!

  • oh and yes it's normal

  • again i have the same problem except with no relationships at all and i'm 19

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