I have this problem. I want to lose weight so much and no one understand. While I'm writing this, I'm also crying. It may sound stupid, but I f****** hate this feeling.

If I could throw it up, I would. But I'm scared.

I'm about a size 12/14 and I weight about 11 & a half stone.

I always end up eating loads, then not much, then loads, then not much at all. It a vicious cycle.

I want to go to the gym all the time, but I can't due to how much I hate my looks. I'm so paranoid people would look and judge me. But, I think I'm the one constantly judging myself.

If anyone out there has any healthy tips I could use to stop one cravings and any ways to help me lose weight, please please please say. I can't do this anymore.

Thank you.

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  • I'm 6foot(guy) and 15 stone. I'm happy,sure I've got a bit of flub,but its who I am!

  • I am in the exact same boat as you. If there was any way I could talk to you privately, I would. I'm about a size 12/14, and weigh 12 and a half stone. I want to lose weight but don't know how, I want to go to the gym but I can't because I feel ashamed, don't want to be judged etc etc. I can't explain how much we're alike. Please reply and I hope we could maybe help each other through this? We can stay anonymous, I just think we both need someone to talk to and share our issues. Thank you, E. x

  • i would love to be a size 12 :(

  • now u realize u are powerless. if u believe the bible.. this alone can help you. yeah..each of us are powerless... in addiction more.. unless you receive power greater than you.. then you will be able to do what you want.. not that you are controlled by your whims and helplessness. try this bible study guide on getting a stronger will power.. www.amazingfacts.com.. please finish the study free online.. and have a strong will power.. to do what you want.. tnx..

  • tips:

    1- dont skip breakfast coz if u do u will give your body a message to start storing fat.

    2- divide ur plate into a have and two quarters. the have must be salat of any kinf of fibers. one of the quarters must be carbs ( bread or rice), the other quarter must be protien ( meat, chicken, fish)

    3-dont you ever starve urself coz later u will eat alot more than u need.

    4- STOP drinking sugary drinks and fuzzy drinks. u hv know idea how much weight u can gain from these drinks beside the fact that they reduce ur body's calcium levwl.

    5- devide ur meals to five or six small meals a day. this is really helpful .

    6- when u want to eat something e.g ships just put small amount in a plate and go eat a way from the rest of the food. coz if u have all the food in the table infront of u then you will keep refilling ur plate.

    7- do lots of excersice. u will only start to burn cals after 20 mins of waling so u have to walk or run atleast for one hour.

    8- you are beautiful no matter how u look like. just give urself a nice hopeful, cheerful smile everytime u look at the mirror.

    good luck.

  • haha sorry have= half

  • * salad or any kind of fiber

    am a little sleepy lolz

  • well met friend if i may the way i kept my (rather unhealthy) weight of 130-ish (i'm a guy 5'11") is by picking one food to eat for a month and eating it till i lost my liking of it the next month i ate a small bit of everything and decided what to work on the next month and did it again over and over i'm now 19 of unhealthily small weight (though i still have cravings i remember why i stopped eating it and just set down what's left over about half way through)...

  • Only one person can help you and that person is you. You sound like most people, willing but making excuses for 'slipping' back to old habits. You need to find the strength to set your goals and stick to them. Reading your confession I sense you have that strength - you just need to use it. No go for it.

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