I know it was wrong

I was on 5-hour plane when this happened. I was on my way for holiday. as i sat on my seat, i noticed that the are lots of empty seats. mine is the 2nd last row, and the seat next to me, and the other side of the isle is also empty..it was quite rare, that what i thought of. also,there another two teenage boys sitting behind me. i noticed them because, they were travelling with their parents, which seated 2 rows in front of me. As i didnt get much sleep a day before and the flight is at night, i was preparing my self to sleep.. i'm a deep sleeper..so, as they turn off the cabin light, i fell asleep. however, later, i feel like someone fondle my breast. i thought i was dreaming..so, i pinch my thigh. and i'm aware that, it;s not a dream. i can actually feel both of my breast were being groped, however, i didnt make any sound and still pretend to be asleep.the situation somehow making me excited, but i know, it's not the right thing. i tried to change my sitting posture, and the hands stop when i start to move a little, but, it came back after a while. well, i did get turn on, and the hand start to move down to my skirt. however, i'm glad the hands stop, or else, they would know that i'm already wet. this is not the first time, and i know, partly due to my big b******. i tried to tone down by wearing loose garments, but it never stop it from happen. i cant scream when it happened. and as it continues, i started had this weird feeling of enjoying it..it it wrong, my conscience tell me that. but, why is my body responds differently?

May 3, 2012

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  • this story is fake

  • your body and consience dont work together. next time, wake up and let them if they aren't scared.

  • I hope one day to be on a long flight with you. For once the flight would be much less boring.

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