I'm pregnant

I'm 21, in urban India, and after all that fantastic sexual liberation for women that emergency contraception was supposed to bring, I'm pregnant. We did it unprotected, but I knew there were no infections etc, and I had already planned to take the morning after pill. And I did. Except it didn't work. So now it's been exactly one month since the act (3rd/4th April) and my period hasn't come, and I'm nauseous everyday and the test just came positive. It's 4 am.

I have options, and I know them well. I don't want to have a baby, and one way or another I'm not going to. It's just the thought of facing all that? The judging gynaecologists, trying to give a fake name at a huge hospital for the anonymity. At least the large international hospital's doctors will pretend to be professional. But god will that cost me!

WOW, I messed up my life. And for a girl who could've gone to Harvard. It's just sad. Karma's a b****, ladies!

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  • Bad things happen to good people..!!


  • Give it to me

  • you sound like a really evil troll

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