I am12almost 13 andnevekssed a girl

Im 12 year old boy almost 1 ad never kissed a girl
i had a girfriend aroundmpreschoo fo 3 monttenhe broke up with me then i had one in kendergarden 1 year later broke up with me 6 year went (3 girls said no in that time)ask a 12 year old girl said sure 2 months later broke up with me now i like a 13 year old girl almost 14 in the 8th grade almost in the 9th
(im almost in the 7th)she hot and i dream of having s** with her i know its wrong beause were both christians so i need help how to ask her

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  • hey im part of a elite force (EPF) im the same age and im mad with the comments and i work for george lucus so shut up

  • Kid, just... Shut up. Please.

  • What the h*** is wrong with all these little kids nowadays?

  • Wow...has this site been reduced to this?


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