Sexualy abused by cousin

It happened whe i was 6 years old and i just turned 23. my cousin was in my house and it was studying time for me, but my mum wasnt there. he told me that he will help me to study and took me into my big brother's room. my brother wasnt home at the time. we sat and i started to open my book and he asked me to read for him. while i was trying hard to read correctly i suddenly felt his finger rapping against my funny parts i freaked out and i stood up. i told him that i want to go to the living room and dont want to study anymore. but he took my hand very tight and said i want let u go. he told me that i have only two choices, whether i let him to but his hand in my funny parts or he will keep holding my arm very tight tell it hurt. i knew what he was doing was bad eventhough i didnt understand anything about s** at that time. i told him he can hold my hands. thankx god it was few minutes and my older sister nocked to give me some kandy. he was really evil took the kandy and told her to leave pretending that he was tutoring me. when she left he said i will give u kandy if u let me put my finger, but before my sister go far i started to yell that i need to eat somting and she came back and took me. since that day i kept distance from him. i have never told my family abt it becuase i was scared. eventhough my parents always told me to report to them if anyone ever touch my f**** parts. but i dont think i will ever be able to tell them. i think its very hard for me to trust ppl these days. even the love ones can hurt the children.


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  • Another bored 12 year old. I can tell by the bad English.

  • You are 23? I think it's time to move was just his finger for Christ's sake! Most girls like to be fingered afterall.

  • the next time,he touch's you,kick's his nut's up some-where near his throut.and then kick him so hard in the groin,that he will yell-I NOW HAVE A V*****.

  • You need to tell someone about this. Please.

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