Exposed sissy

My wife was not happy with me ,my being feminine and many other things and she decided to force me to want a divorce by exposing me to my friends,family and the people I work with and for. I let her take pictures of me totally feminized which she used to black mail me into doing other things like have ** with several different men .She would feminize me and then take me out just to get men to ** me ,we both got them to come home to ** me and she was secretly taking pictures and videos of me being used sexually by those men.She showed me the pictures and videos and demanded that I divorce her and give her the house ,cars and most of the money in my bank account thinking that out of fear I would give in and sign everything over to her without a fight ,which I almost did do .I was headed home with the papers signed and was going to hand everything over to her when I got stuck in a traffic jam .I was in the car alone with lots of time to think things through so I turned my phone off and considered all my options and what the outcome of each and every option would be .She met me at the door asking where id been and then she ordered me to give me the papers that her lawyer had dropped off for me to sigh at my work .I smiled and said there you are and handed her the Huge envelope that contained the shredded papers that I was supposed to sign.She went ballistic and no matter what she said and did I didnt change my mind ,that I was not signing anything that I didnt have drawn up myself. I told her that she wanted the divorce not me and if she wanted to end our marriage so badly then we could .I handed her a piece of paper listing everything that id agree to let her have in the divorce.It wasnt nearly as much as she wanted but it was way more than fair.I told her that If she wanted top expose me then she could go right ahead.Yes my family would want to hear my side and it would cause a lot of problems but we would work ot out eventually.I reminded her that we have a few relatives that are gay and lesbian and i bet a few that cross dress.I told her that I would lose everyone that claimed to be my friend,those who dont want me around were never true friends to begin with. Work was going to be the hardest.I would be stuck with the people i work with until everything blows over,,they or me gets fired or I quit and get another job somewhere else and I told her that I was more than prepared to do that . Well by Monday morning everything she had to make me look bad to everyone was emailed and faxed so when I woke up everyone knew all about me and my lifestyle. When I got to work I got a lot of weird looks but no one said a word .The boss called me to his office to discuss what he was sent and how it would effect the company first then me.He told me he didnt care what I did on my own time as long as it didnt effect my work .He said that since I didnt have contact with customers or anyone else that could be a problem then what he read and saw would not effect or put my job at risk. He said my only concern was what the people I work with and around would be saying and maybe doing ,he told me that he wasnt going to put up with any bull ** and if someone wanted to cause problems for me because of what I do when im not at work then they would be fired and hauled out of the building immediatly .I thanked my boss and told him what I did when not at work had not ever caused me or the company any problems before so it wasnt going to start now . Bill told me to go to work and chuckled and said we were going to have a talk about this soon. I asked why,,what the problem was being very defensive and he told me to calm down,,he was just curious about it all and just had some questions. He asked me if I thought that I was the only ** sucker in the building and before I could respond he told me to be careful and try having a good day at work. Yes life was a living ** for about six months but im happy to say that although I still get hassled about it all it is just teasing and nothing hate full . I lost some people that I thought were friends and made a lot of new friends ,everything with the family is still a work in progress but everyone still is talking to me.As far as Michelle,,we are not married any more .After the divorce she came to me and apologized and begged me to forgive her .We talked it out and decided that we could just be friends,,,with benifits that are very **.

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