Screwed myself

The girl I have been in love with doesn't wanna see me anymore because she found out her sister has a crush on me.
So, I asked the sister out for two reasons:
1) The idea of not having anymore contact with the girl of my dreams scared me.
2) I wanna break the sister's heart the same way mine was broken.

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  • Oh god its so funny how bullying never mattered until a poorling darling assed British royal got bullied, but they don't tell you how they bullied people to get everything they wanted hey? funny that. only a royal can be bullied, others don't know bullying. yeh, right. you mean the rest of us just know how to grow up and take it and be told to get over it and they want to nappy changed at 30-70 and wet nursed and potty trained into their 40s unlike the rest of us common sense get on with the job mob. f*** I hate royals. please abolish them. they should be separate to state figure heads and just do what they do best and be sexual clothes hoists and celebrities and fade away ! they have no morals and integrity. they don't like you or commoners. they are the real beggars for mercy from commoners to keep them going and commoners don't want to anymore. Chelsea and Cressida ran from harry because he is a bully and stupid. enough said. they had sense. the royals are an embarrassment on the times and place and people and memory and occasion of the human condition in all times. bejeweled bespoke over poked criminals is all the royals in the UK are. rant over.

  • Also I hope my threadjacking about the royals all the time is seen as the cry for help from a diseased mind that it really is. I am also desperately paranoid and havent left the house for a couple of years because if I do, the acid green kittens will get me. true story. this is the only way I can communicate with anyone, I am not very smart and can't think of anything other than those goshdarn royals and how smarter people might be pickin' at my comments.

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