I have been in a relationship with a guy since last 3 was in class 10 when he proposed me ..n yeah i liked him in class 7 n 8,..but then i thought it was just infactuation n then i had no such feelings in std wen i came to know that he was interested in me in class 10..i said a yes...after that v came closer n i actually fall for him..i used to get excited just by looking at him,touching him,kissing him..but den he went abroad after 6 months..v wer no longer in touch accept thru phone call or mails...he used to call me once in a month n den once in 3 months...but wenever he came to my place during holidays..i got excited a lot..n even he felt d same..v cud sense d rush of hormones within us..but since last 6 months..i dont get excited even if he kisses me...n dis time he kissed me on my b**** for d first time but even dat could not turn me on...i dont understand why is dis happening..i miss him,i love him,..i wait eagerly to meet him..but when he comes i dont get turned on..plz help me out..n i love him n only him..i find myself emotionally attached with him bt still his kisses no longer turns me on....plz help!!

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