That even though I'm living with my significant other I still think about my ex after 2 years. I've lost a lot of my friends because of my depression and it's slowly spiraling down. I've only got 3 real people left that will probably only be 2soon. Part of me wants to contact my ex but I'm sure she's forgotten about me. I've been trying to work out and continue my education but I just can't get it together. I'm getting tired of this pain. I don't know what to do.

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  • First clear you head up, think well where you are going with the choices you are making. If you want to contact her to close a cycle (I mean, so that you don't become more obsessed), do so, but if you want to contact her to get back together even though you are with someone else now, I suggest you to try living the present and stop dwelling in a past that may not have a future, as that might break you more and complicate things further. Enjoy your significant other and try to enjoy as well the friends that are close to you still. I know how terrible depression can be, I've been there... but try to hang on and look at the bright side, not all is lost. It is you who can make the difference for better. Hope this helps, if even a little.

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