The bestfriend, the hookup and a very confused girl

Two years ago my best friend and her family moved half way across the world.
few months after they left i started hanging out with her older sisters boyfriend,his name's Steve. they were together for about 7 years before the move. but their relationship was on the rocks and as good as over.
Anyway we started spending alot of time together. Then one thing led to another and we hooked up. I tried to tell my best friend but she flipped out so i told her it would never happen again. It's been two years since then and we've hooked up more times than i can count.
I'm just worried that if my best friend finds out i will loose her forever and i love her more than anything. Also i hate having to lie to her and keep this from her. This guilt is killing me.
I know i should stop seeing steve, (we're not dating anyway) but i really like him. (even though he doesn't like me) and letting go is so hard.

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  • Letting go is hard, but if you just ignore you problem and let them pile up, when they eventually catch up to you they'll be so much harder to pass. Look at yourself with this guy and ask him what he feels for you. Is it really worth being with a guy who doesnt even like you and can make you lose your best friend when there are a lot of other guys you could be with?

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