ok. i'm about to be 15 & i've been with

ok. i'm about to be 15 & i've been with my boyfriend for 6 months now. the only privacy we get is at the pool house in my neighborhood. we havent gone that far but now he's saying he wants to have s**. i keep telling him no because the only place we could have s** & not get caught is in the restroom at the pool house. its my first time & i dont want the restroom to be where i lose it. what makes it worse is its a public restroom. by doing it in there i feel like a tramp & disrespected & degraded.like i'm not good enough to do it somewhere in private. he says that doing stuff with him doesnt make me a w**** since he is my boyfriend & its not like i met him overnight. i'm afraid that if i say no that he'll hate me & break up with me. he's the first boyfriend i had & i dont want that to happen.

so if anyone knows what i should do...please help & give your advice. thanks.

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  • don't listen to these a*******.

    if you want to lose your virginity, do it in a special way or you'll regret it.
    but if you're worried your boyfriend won't like you because you won't have s** with him, HE'S NOT WORTH YOUR TIME! i promise. there is someone else out there that will respect you and treat you right.

  • Try a*** you'll love it

  • get a Hotel room. or make him wait.

  • you can use my room.

  • this is why 15 yr old shouldn't have privacy with guys!!!!!

  • oh comon, the pool house bathroom cant be the only place. you could do it in a Bush! my boyfrined and i snuck out once and did it in the middle of the night on the blacktop of his old school. there's ways. there are ways. maybe to test him you could say if he wants to have s** with you he's gotta find a hella cuddy place to do it in besides the pool house bathroom.

  • if your not ready or dont wanna do it in a bathroom which is gross dont do it you should tell him your not ready and if he breaks up with you f*** him he is a j*** all he wanted from you was p****! but if he really cares about you he will wait to


  • Read the confession 6 posts after this one. Then think about it.

  • If he wants to be the one to deflower you, make him deserve it. You need a day at the spa, then a room at the Hilton, after he treats you to any dinner you choose. You only lose it once. Make it a memory worth keeping. BTW, 15 is too young. Wait until YOU feel mature. I highly doubt he's mature enough to start caring for a baby and all that. If he freaks, no nookie for him. Its that simple. Otherwise he'll dump you and you now have a baby on the way.

  • First of all stop thinking about s** and focus on your school work and start preparing yourself to become financially independent of your parents or guardian. Look now is the time to decide your career choice and start making steps in that direction. You don't need to be caught up in some teen s** drama. I know you make like him and he may be cool and you may even want to have s** with him. I don't think he's a bad guy from what you described, it's just that he sees s** a little different than you do. Guys don't see the first time as a production that should be perfect. We take it when and where we can get it. I understand where you are coming from about your first time being special, but no matter where or when you do it, if you do it now it will be overrated. Wait until the moment is right and when it is you will know. In the meantime sit your boyfriend down and let him know how you feel on the situation. Explain to him how meaningful your first time is to you and that you don't want to throw it away like a nasty peice of toilet paper by doing it in a public bathroom. And don't say it with an attitude or else you will get the reaction you fear. Show him that you are sincere with this and that it really does mean a lot to you and IF he really cares about you he will accept it (and just cheat on you until you are ready--JUST KIDDING). If he's the one he will gladly do whatever it takes to make you comfortable and happy and he will just let it happen naturally.

  • Nope not in the bathroom. 15 is still young but only you will know when is the time. Bathroom is not the right place first time or anytime.
    If he is any good at all he would not leave you in any account.

  • Amen! ^

    If he cared more about you, he would respect how you feel, because s** (making love) with someone you love is special, and so are you. I wish you courage to stand up for yourself, and wait until you find the right guy to take that step with.

  • He's not the kind of guy you want to lose your virginity to. In fact, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy you want to have s** with at all. Besides, you're 15. WAIT!

  • If he leaves you because you won't have s** with him, then he's not worth being with. I had a boyfriend that I simply adored when I was 14-15 and he never pressured me to have s** and he was 2 years older than I. So if he really loves you, he'll understand :D

  • f*** him and get it over with it.

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