I don't drink alcohol.

In general, I don't like being around any alcoholic drinks and going into bars that has less selection of non-alcoholic drinks (just water!!). I'd rather stay sober than drinking alcohol and if I did drink, my chance of having cancer later on in life will literally kick me right in the ass just like what it did to my grandpa (RIP) and currently my dad because they were drinkers in the past ;( Also, I'm underweight and petite meaning my body can't take on alcohol (tried a sip of it when I was small [thought it was apple juice or some other soda] and I hate it [thinking about it still makes me go bleeehhh] and still hate it now). Told my friends how I felt about it and they still want go to a bar with an art show (enjoy going to those) and looking at their online menu, not a single non-alcoholic drink. I have to turn down their plan since that day is also a college day for me. Sometimes its sucks being sober because I feel left out and alone on the fun and I feel like a babysitter for them while I watched my two close friends drink. My boyfriend was there too, he doesn't drink alcohol because it gives him a headache so luckily I'm not the only one who's sober. I'm also scared that my friends will kinda pressure my boyfriend to drink even though he didn't want to. My claustrophobic feelings kicked in at really random times and being in an environment that's partially dark, almost cramped with arcade machines, tables & drunk people, and lack of non-alcoholic drinks selection (felt like 100 vs 1) sets it off that I had to excuse myself to the restroom to hide and calm my panic attack as my friends and my boyfriend happily socialize outside with loud music that muffles my cries & short of breath.


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  • Your story made me hard. Drunk women turn me on a lot ! I'd love to get you drunk and pound you till you couldn't c** anymore!

  • Probably the people posting about how you are "self-righteous" or "a pain in the ass" are either under 15 year old boys or idiots who jump on the 'getting drunk is cool' band wagon and feel threatened because you have your own opinions.

    They are ignorant.

    Don't listen to them.

    I like how, here in New Zealand, it is publicly known and has been shown in various international studies that large alcohol consumption has a direct link to an increased risk of liver cancer.

    Well done you for being conscientious; I respect you for having the strength to say no to your friends. My friends do done pretty dumb things sometimes and it's always difficult to break away from the group.

    I also recommend seeking professional help with the panic attacks. I have them occasionally and I know how crippling, both socially, mentally and emotionally, they can be.

  • Nah, she's useful cause she always gets to be the designated driver. I may put up with her, or even you, as long as you're useful. Drive my drunken, life-loving, naturally-hairy ass home, and you can be a sanctimonious d***. Sounds like a killer bargain.

  • If you don't like being around alcohol that's fine. You don't need to justify it. That's your choice. But just because you don't want to drink, doesn't mean your friends can't or won't. It also shouldn't mean that your the designated driver all the time. I can't tell if the real issue is where alcohol is served or cramped spaces. Most bars serve (or can serve) virgin drinks, you have to ask for it. And if you are having panic attacks or anxiety, then maybe you should see a therapist where they can give you something to help.

  • I can understand people not drinking but if the result is "poor me" then you need to get p*****.

    Btw don't think this idea that grog leads cancer thing is going to get much traction.

  • Glad I'm not with such a pain in the ass. Your boyfriend is a saint to take one for the team and saddle himself with your self-righteous, high maintenance attitude.

  • Well one of us had to be a designated driver just in case one of my friends is too drunk to drive.

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