Freshman "Fun"

* Alright, So last year, I was a freshman, It was my first Year in High School, and also my first year dating. You see I lived with my dad before,and of course Daddys Lil Girl wasnt aloud to like Boys, so when I moved with my mom and she said I could date, I was toe-tally thrilled! But then, When School started I kinda got caught up in it.. First I dated this guy who was too scared to even hold my hand, (Broke up), then I dated a guy who would grab my ass every time me hugged (Broke Up) Then I dated a guy who cheated on me with my best friend. Gawd, I have horrible taste in guys haha, well That also got me drama with girls because they all believed I was a w****, when in reality I didnt even kiss any of them but two (I ended up dating 11 guys by the end of the year, none of them lasting more then two weeks) All I want is the High School Sweetheart story you know? But I can seem to find "The One" So here I am 16, going to be a Junior, and Ive never Had s**, done drugs, or drank, and I havent even made out yet...Im starting to wonder if inm too picky with guys or what, why cant I be like those awe-dorable couples at school? UGH, even sense that guy cheated on me with my bff, I have major trust issues, so everytime the relationship is going good I get scared and break up with them before they have a chance to hurt me, when in reality they werent even thinking of breaking up..ugh, I fail at life


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  • There are guys out there looking for girls like you. Guys that will respect you and treat you right. You just have to watch where they are. Be patient. Dating is ok, but at this juncture don't take dating seriously.
    And stay away from guys that don't treat you looks a queen.
    You may have done trust issues, as well. You might need counseling to help you with that. Nothing wrong with see good counseling- more people need it.
    Best to you!

  • This post is ancient history, and OP was a naive little Girl Gone Wild. Pretty sure the little ho-bag isn't enjoying a "happily ever after" life right now... more like 4 fatherless kids and syphilis. Decent enough advice you had, but it was pearls before swine.

  • Maybe your an attention h***

  • Okay, first, you're going to have to type properly if you ever want a chance at life. Ever.
    Secondly, you don't have to get a boyfriend, just be patient and if you like someone, act on it.

  • I'm Sorry, That is why I have a D in English haha, and Patience is key I guess haha


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