EXTRA EXTRA! Catholic girl secretly looks up innapropriate stuff

I'm a Catholic 16 year old girl. When i was in 7th grade i accidently stumbled upon something innapropriate on TV. nude girls and what not. i was totally aroused...and im a goody two shoes. curse you puberty/hormones. I have no boyfriend. i never had my first kiss. i have very little friends and im a total loner.i felt lonely and still am. When im stressed or bored i look up lesbians kissing, touching and what not. Sexual stress relief i geuss. But i always feel so very guilty when im done...(you know its funny...noone actually looks for this kinda stuff untill they discover it a give in more and more into temptaion.) I kinda of confessed to my priest (i just told him i sometimes watch innapropriate stuff)..but i still do it! (very rarely though). If my parents found out...if my friends found out... i feel so impure + i made many promises to God that i broke. I'm a failure of a Catholic/ christian. I have a conscience...and i ignore it. Im probably going to h***.. Im really cold right now. :(

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  • What do you mean 'probably' ? Is there an element of doubt in your faith ? There ought to be if you have any vestige of rationale thought. However, a lifetime of physiological abuse by members of the catholic church is difficult to recover from. S** is not sin and you don't need religion to tell you what is good and bad.

  • you go girl!!!! lol

  • God forgives all sins sweetheart.But looking at something that pleases you is not a sin.He created us to be happy and make choices.S** is a choice and pleasing yourself is only natural.Just be happy dear and continue on your path.God be with you.

  • What the f*** is up with the spam loser?

    Look religions can be abusive. You probably wont like this but i will show you why you shouldnt listen to the bible and my only evidence will be the bible itself.
    If the bible it supposed to be Gods word then why is God unable to make any sense and be consistant in his words? Answer is, its not Gods word at all but just the word of the people that wrote it. Also, the bible was written hundreds of years after jesus was supposed to be alive so there were no original witnesses. You can continue to beleive in a god but never listen to the bible.
    Do you really think a God thats supposed to be all loveing and accepting would do such horrible things to people and make it impossible not to commit these so caled "sins" ? The answer is of course a loving god would not do that!!! Do not trust the bible!

    What you are doing is perfectly normal and perfectly natural. If anyone tells you otherwise they are just ignorant. God will not punish you because you are not harming anyone. If anything the people that are against you doing things you like are the ones that are doing harm.

    You will not go to h*** for something so silly. Also H*** isnt even described as a place of torture in the bible, that came from a book called Dantes Inferno and it got worked into the religions image. H*** is supposed to be nothing more than a place distant from God, so you just wander earth or something like that. H*** is also a mistranslation, its supposed to mean "grave." When you die, of course you are going to go into a grave.

    If God did not want you that way he never would have let you be born.

    If you had listed your email i woulda emailed you too and talked to you more about things. Well i would be tempted to flirt though ;) but seriously its not a bad thing. Just enjoy your sexuality and be yourself always no matter what someone says.

  • Not to agree with mister spammer but hes right in a way. Who gives a f***? Your feeling guilty about looking at p*** (Yes I said it!!!) while german priests are molesting young boys in Germany, and then being protected by the Pope. Lets see, thats Molestation, Rape, Pedophilia. Those are criminal, and now, Don't priests swear to not have s**? Don't they hate gays? Oh yes, they do, GOD HATES F***, isn't that what the signs always says? The Catholic church has been f****** hypocrytes since the middle ages. Thats about... 1000 years. for 1000 years the catholics have been crucifying, burning at the stake, murdering, cheating people out of their money, lying, sending people to their death. If your seriously going to believe that by abstaining from masturbation, your going to prevent yourself going to h***, your being controlled. And its pathetic. In the victorian era (19th century) people who were "educated" believed that if you masturbated, you were going to turn into a hairy blood hungry beast, a werewolf. Yep, now 91 percent of the male population are werewolves right? And what,at least 12 percent of the women population? Bullshit. Don't believe me if you don't want to, I know that your priests are going to tell you I'm the devil, and that you shouldn't listen to me, well f*** em. Don't feel bad, sexual relief is NEEDED. Otherwise your going to explode. Get over it.

  • AMEN

  • I agree with you 100% couldn't of said it better myself.

  • Don't let the guilt get to you. You haven't done anything terribly wrong. Catholics are major hypocrites when it comes to things sexual. You are a good girl.

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