Impregnated my cousin

One time i was picking up my cousin from a party (we live in the „outback“ of canada, the party was a fair bit away and she completely drunk herself. As we were going home, she had to vomit, so we held on the side of the road. As she was coming back from it, she looked at me and when she sat in the truck, she imidially started trying to turn me on. As i didnt find her unattractive, i soon gave in (my biggest mistake, but i was desperade because i hadnt had a girlfriend for a long time) and we started kissing. I dont want to go in to much detail, but she didnt remember one single bit of the whole night. Soon i found out she hadnt taken any birth control, and a few weeks later it was found out she was pregnant. Because she didnt know from who she was pregnant, and she also hadnt had any boyfriend in the last time, the quickly found out it had to be this party night on which she must have slept with someone. As absolutely noone recalls any guy she flirted with, they just couldnt find it out. Later she decided to keep the baby. She was already sixteen, and in our family noone really had a problem with her getting a baby she carried on. As no complications happened in the beginning, they somehow didnt find it necessary to see a doctor, and she carried until the 5th or 6th month, on which they realized that her belly was massive for the durance of the pregnancy. So they drove to a doctor, about 1 hour away, and he made an ultrasound, and found out she was pregnant with twins or triplets. He couldnt tell exactly because the machine didnt work properly or something.
As time moved on, she had big problems getting sleep, and was at all points exhausted. As her belly kept getting bigger and bigger, they drove to a hospital, and she was examined again, now finding Quintuplets in her belly. It was about the 7th month and she had very strong bellyaches, and it was decided to make a c section. As i got told, she had so much pain on the last days, the doctors assumed she wouldnt make it until the c-section and the directly make one. They took the babies out, but they dindt survive for long, it was just to soon. Later they discovered that her belly was just before ripping, and it was a really close encounter.
I dont know how much of this story is right, at the time i was taking a year off work in europe and came home 3 Months after.

Oct 20, 2020

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