I think i'm falling in love with my friend's wife

Over the last three years, my s** life with my wife has become pretty intense. we are close with another couple and over the time we've known each other, we've really done some strange things. What started off one night as skinny dipping in our underwear has led to such things as strip poker, real skinny dipping, streaking, and even some swapping. There have been times where its been pretty instantanous and other times where its been really a close call in getting caught by others who know all four of us. When my wife and friend hook up its usually a pretty intense scene as they are going for the raw s** of it and they have good time. However, when I hook up with his wife, we've been kind of known to just lay together and even pass up s** sometimes. As friends, we are really close and we've got a lot in common, which even my wife and my friend have mentioned a few times over dinner. Common friends have also mentioned how well we get along which makes us a little nervous and we've been known to avoid each other at parties sometimes just so rumors don't start. I have feelings for her and I've come to learn she has feelings for me. we can't do anything about it because of our family situations, and for the most part we seem to be able to separate when we are just friends and when we are a couple during our times together. I'm afaid that won't last forever though. If i try to break up this relationship we have with my friend and his wife, my wife will wonder what is going on (and so will my friend). But, if we keep it up, i wonder where is might lead to in the future.

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  • I'm jealous

  • Giv her lots of head beats talking

  • give him some head that can't hurt

  • Let me tell you, I'm in the same situation, well kind of. There's this guy, and I'm a married women of 5 years. I do anything I can do to be alone with this guy, he's my best friend, and we are in love with each other... we can lay and watch movies for hours, just hold hands, cuddling, and the kisses on the forehead. He's great with my kids. Though when everyone who knows my situation is around we just play it as friends. Around his family, we show that it's more. When he's out of town he's always calling, to make sure I'm okay. He's always on my mind. Thing is this guy doesn't have kids or a wife, I'm probably going to take my kids, and move north with him soon. He knows when somethings not okay with out me saying a word... What should I do? Well what shouldn't I do?

  • What happened next :)

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