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I am 15 year old male.. rather not say my name . anyways i have this problem. it not a normal problem. i tend to cheat alot on girls. its always been that way since i was 10 .and no its not cheating or being a player its SAMPLING . i dont know i just find something fun in cheating on chicks and seeing them get p***** once they find out. also do it cause some of them are... scared of s**.. bullshit right? so i cheat on with a girl that likes s** or wants it. its not my fault i just cant help it. worst thing is its always the one girl they hate or their best friend or even family. i am a huge flirt . always talkin about my d***. very physical i like to hump chicks .. but recently i met a girl named bunny. she is wonderful , sexy, and smart . i liked her she didnt like me at first.. she said i was to full of myself. it took just 4 months for her to agree to go out with me. i was happy with her but she hated s**. knowing im a s** addict i couldn't help but try to seduce into it.. but she'd always find a way out it. soo i cheated on her with a girl she hated named faith. but faith loved s** . she was a complete match for me. though i still felt feelings for bunny i didnt really care i cheated. i didnt care whn she broke up with me i actually seemed kinda happy.though when dating faith i still flirted with bunny behind her back. but to make a long story short. same thing happened with faith but with a girl named ginger. i dont know if i really like them or not . i dont like to be called a cheater nor a player i liked to be called a sampler like i said. though i cant get none of them out my mind or head. i still flirt with them all just dont know how to stop. or how to tell which one i really like. HELP ME.


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  • You are a piece of trash. You call what you're doing 'sampling', well all you're really doing is wasting these girls time. Be a man and stay single, f*** around all you want. Don't ever get married if you stay this way.

  • Little boy! that's what you are, when you grow up you'll understand what you're doing is not right, if you do ever grow up? but don't think you're getting away with how you have been treating these girls because you haven't, KARMA well slap the s*** right back in your face sooner or later and there is just no escape from it, so when that happens remember you created your own destiny, believe me it's the rule of the universe.

  • Remember this when you reach 40 in your sad and lonely life and paying paternity for the 4 kids you have had but are unlikely to ever see. Why? Because if you are such a 'player' then so be it but there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for hurting other people with your behaviour. Stay single and play all you want. Other people have to pick up the pieces and clean up your mess when you are gone. Bunny is definitely right - you are "too full of yourself".

  • I believe what Bunny said is true, you are just too full of yourself, all you think is your need for s**, you don't seem to realize you are dealing with People, those girls are Persons not only s** toys. You never mention worrying about them, but instead Enjoying making them upset.

    I'm sorry but, call it what you'd like: You are a cheater.

    A relationship is not only about s**, if you can't sacrifice nor respect (especially Respect), you'll only go on with this cheating cycle and hurt lots of people. You reap what you sow.

  • Go see a psychiatrist

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