I'm an 18 year old girl... and I am desperate for a relationship..

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  • The very last thing you would want to be is Desperate, seriously. First people, guys especially can sense desperation a mile away. Also being in a desperate state leaves you very vulnerable and wide open for making BAD judgement calls when it comes to people, guys in particular. Just be careful.

  • Listen, i get that you want someone to care about you as a person an be with you to give you support and a feeling of comfort when needed, trust me i've been there. but you still have alot of time before you make a major move like that. just be yourself and take your time, and some one will come along who will actually care about you. don't end up like my friends.

  • I'm 21, no one has ever seemed to dislike me, I know a few that had a crush on me, but I've never been in a serious relationship. Every night I lay awake dreaming of being able to sleep with someone by my side.

  • Hi - what city are you from?

  • Los Angles!

  • Been there. And used to wait around for it to happen until I learned you have to put yourself in positions to meet people be it online or in the real world. In other words, it takes more effort than some people want to do. Many leave it up to fate and believe if they do nothing Mr. Wonderful will magically appear. Better to be proactive. Worked for me. The hard part is possible rejections and disappointments. If you can get past those hurdles, the rest isn't bad, and there's always the chance Mr. Wonderful will magically appear. Sometimes it happens that way to. But you dramatically increase the odds of it happening by being proactive. Good luck.

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