I cant stop i just cant stop. i cant stop myself from cheating i dont get why chicks get so mad over me cheating like damn we aint married so y yo actin out. i cuss my gfs out. i'd never hit them but they make me think about it. i am in a relationship with a white girl :/ usually there willing to have s** and not care if you cheat. this one is full of bullshit she got smaller t*** then my 11 year old sister. i dont know why i like her something always draws me back to her after i cheat or it makes me feel bad that i did cheat. she calls me a man w**** cause of all the girls i slept with and knowing most of them were her friends. i jusr cant stop . i never felt this way before all my life i never gave a f*** about wht my gf thought of me just knew she better let mee f*** her or im out. but its a like maze in this relationship even when i find my way out the maze some how i find my way back inside for another round. i dont need ur comments if their full of bullshit . thanx

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  • lighten up bro. its not a big deal. just get with the white girl whenever and dont over think the thing.

  • Not to worry, my friend. If the girl had any self-respect at all, she'd just break up with you instead of trying to "change" you. I mean, most women love a project and love trying to alter something about their men, but that always stops when it comes to fidelity. The fact that she hasn't already ended the relationship means that she privately (that is, not telling her girlfriends, and maybe not even admitting to herself) enjoys the way you treat her and she wants more. You clearly have the upper hand in this relationship. Use it.

  • You keep going back because that hot, tight, little p**** of hers is so good. Even though you want something else DIFFERENT, you know there's nothing else BETTER, and so back you got to keep hitting that s***. And to be honest, that's exactly what you SHOULD do, for as long as she allows it. Why? First of all, she obviously needs it or she would just end the relationship. But SHE can't get anything better either and so it continues. Second, though, and more important that ANYTHING else, you need to remind yourself of the natural order of things every time you go back and get on her: white girls are on the earth in order to service black men. Period. Let's say it again for emphasis: white girls are on the earth in order to service black men. You know it. She knows it. And everybody who writes here knows it. DON'T LET HER FORGET IT. You're the boss, and you're the stud, and you're entitled to have her when you want her, no matter if she's dating or living with or married to some white p****: that p**** is yours and you know she'll keep giving it up to you, even if she tries to control you, and she'll end up giving that s*** up EVERY TIME YOU WANT IT. Now, go get that b****, and if she says no, dump her, forget her and go get another one. Those white chicks are a dime a f****** dozen.

  • best comment ive seen ever!

  • What do you have against respecting girls? What is your thought process? A relationship takes two and it takes honor and respect and communication. If this is revolting for you to hear then I think you need to get out of all relationships. If you care for this girl then you will put all your effort into changing this behavior and try a new way of life. It takes allot more effort and truth so you have to be stronger.

  • Your gf must have as much s*** for brains as you do, since she hasn't left your ass yet.

  • dumbass n*****

  • You don't seem to be aware that girls are PERSONS, with something called Consciousness and Feelings, you know, and many other things. If you want a girl that doesn't complain, doesn't think anything bad of your bullshit-driven behavior, and your self-conscious ass, I suggest buying an inflatable "love" doll, is much less expensive that a w****.

  • I know thats wht u have to do but i dont need ur s***. thanx though. they dnt have feelings at all so u can shut the f*** up

  • Yep, you don't need our comments because you're already full of bullshit

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