How did I not get into trouble? Help me

So I am a average 14 year old boy in year 9. (I assume that grade 9 for America) I m********* often, probably about once a day. Normal I think. I don't get into any trouble at school, never get sent out or get detentions, ever. But...

So I have got into more p*** since the start of year 9 I guess. I'm just gonna say what happened. In science class, we had a woman assistant helping us - she had teached us a few times. She bent over my table, helping my friend next to me. I had touch a few arses/ass before. I wen't and got a ruler as I walked past, I made my hand brush against her a***. When I wen't to sit down I did the same again. Then I wen't up to get something else and I did the exact same thing again. She never looked at me. Later on in the lesson, I saw her bending over another table, I got up and I had a plan to put my whole hand on her a***, but I missed as I walked past, so I tried again and I did it. My whole hand on her a***, she didn't say anything.

End of that lesson I was happy. I walked in the corrider - we got out late so the school was empty. I was going up a couple of steps and this girl, I think is a year above me, I grabbed her a***. I carried on walking. I then wen't around the school again, and I saw a teacher walking. I wen't in her direction, and I grabbed her a*** kinda a couple of times. She didn't say anything. I then was kinda thinking this was dodgy, so I turned back to go outta school.

I decided to go through the maths corridor, it was quicker for me. But then I saw my maths teacher walking, talking to the head of maths. My maths teacher had the best a*** ever. I got excited, I walked past her and grabbed her a*** quickly. I walked fast out the door and turned back, she was looking at me.

I then wen't to go out of school, however I saw this woman who I don't know she is, I grazed my hand on her a***. Few seconds later a teacher assistant asked me, 'did I just touch that lady's bottom?' I replied 'no.' I walked off.

Somehow - this was a couple of months ago, nothing has been said to me. I am so shocked. Still, I do try to touch a few girl's a***'s as I walk past, and I plan how I would.

Any advice of what maybe should I do? Or what could of happened? Thanks.

May 15, 2012

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  • your such a bull s****** all you talk about is a*** f*** sake get some f**** f*** a girl not touch a a***

  • The second comment is obviously very well thought out. A slightly stupid 14 yr. old boy should "turn himself in" and thereby utterly ruin the rest of his life. His behaviour is hardly going to destroy the lives of other people even though he is probably the product of thousands of hours of mindless, snickering, smutty sit-coms that are churned out by the American "Entertainment" industry every year. If the whole lot was rendered down it would be near impossible to find one minute of morally redemptive content in it. Our 14 yr. old demonstrates a puerile obsession with "Butts" and "Ass" but as long as these obsessions are a vehicle for advertising rubbish then it's OK. I guess however that the second poster has already weighed that and similar facts in determining what our hapless 14 yr. old should do. To him I would say "Grow up and learn a little respect".

  • that is amazing how did they not notice

  • YOUR A F****** LEGEND MAN!!!

  • Keep it up at least until you get your face slapped, or an invitation for more than just ass grabbing. Be aware that older women sometimes like it better than young women or girls.

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