I still love my ex

So me and my ex were together for 9 mths and i broke up with her but we still hooked up regularly then i realized that i wanted to be with her so we started trying to work things out to be a couple agian and the night we were supposed to get back together she wouldnt awnswer her phone so i went to her friends house and talked to her she told me she left with her ex boyfriend and i know they f***** i was p***** and didnt talk to her for a long time but finnaly we started talking agian and the thing is i still love her but i cant help but to be an a****** to her because her ex an i are mortal enemys weve always hated eachother but anyways i got drunk and called her one night and really said some horrible things to her that i feel really bad about but it was all the truth and how i felt now she wont have anything to do with me its driving me crazy that i still care so much about this girl that did me so wrong and now i cant talk to her i dont know why i love her i just do i cant help it should i just forget about her or should i go to her house and try my best to make it right ?

May 15, 2012

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  • You should talk to her ONLY if you totally and honestly change your attitude about whatever she did or didn't do before you met her AND while you were broken up. Remember: YOU broke up with HER, and so she was a total free agent during that time. If you love her and want to be with her, (1) tell her that, and mean it, (2) tell her you forgive her, even though she's done nothing that requires your forgiveness, and mean it, (3) end the petty bitterness when you talk with her, permanently (what you call being an a**hole), and (4) have a clear discussion and understanding with her about the what the relationship will be and what the rules will be if and when it resumes. Seems that you do love her, but can't set aside the high-school version of that: it's time to do so.

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