To my sister............

I've never gone after any of your men, and so you probably think I wouldn't ever do that, but you're wrong. The married man you're presently cheating on your husband with is very, very, very interested in me, and I've been flirting with him like mad, and I've already decided to take him from you. And from his wife. I haven't even f***** him yet, but believe me, sissy: he's already mine. Forever.

May 15, 2012

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  • Lemme guess: you and your sister grew up in a trailer park?

  • You're kidding yourself, sister, but you ain't kidding us. Both of you girls are nasty pieces of ass that you present to men for absolutely nothing more than their physical use and abuse, after which, they discard. Disposable p****. If that's what you want to be, congratulations: Mission Accomplished.

  • If he's cheating on his wife and f****** your sister do you really, REALLY want this guy forever? Your setting yourself up for a world of hurt. F****** a married guy is a stupid thing to do. Even if he does leave his wife--and your sister for you; do you really think you can trust him forever? Grow up. He wants a piece of ass and your going to give it to him. Then he's going to dump you AND your sister. Think before you act. BTW you guys must have horrible parents because you and your trick sister have no morals. Shame on you both.

  • What we do, and what our man is doing, is no different than what the rest of the world does every day. What's different about this is that I'm getting what I want and I'm going to give this man what he wants, and when he gets that, he's going to give up all the others. Watch and see.

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