Thinking of cheating

I have been with the one man for over 15 years. We are married and gave children. He is a shift worker so we barely share a bed as he sleeps days and I sleep nights. Well I have been having lots of fantasies, if hooking up with a stranger for random s**. Rough s**. Maybe more if the passionate lustful s** that I have not been getting. I have had an offer from an ex (that I never slept with), which I think about all the time. I also dream of approaching random men (such as at a shopping centre) and asking for a f*** in the toilets. I am so friggin h**** all the time that I am losing my battle to fight these urges. Do I look for a random f*** to satisfy my needs or what else do u suggest?

May 16, 2012

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  • I am wife alos that has been were you are. I gave into my desires. I have been f***** by strangers on various ocasions. I have been f***** in a resroom by a sranger. A black guy f***** the h*** out of me in the wal mart parking lot. I have rubbed my c*** in my car often and even enjoyed guys stroking for me. I am telling you this bacause I love it, but the urges dont go away they get stronger. Which is not a bad thing, but they do get stronger and my o****** get better and getting off..omg I get off over and over. But stay n control, dont do ex's or people you know.

  • Seriously, talk any issues you have and s*** out with your husband.

    Don't be an idiot.

  • You should go to that shopping center you mentioned and just f****** GET ON somebody. Don't wait. Do it today!

  • Babygirl logic over emotion in this case. Dont cheat that title is the worst. Have respect for yourself and your husband. Communication is always key and if you feel thats not their then thats the real issue here.

  • Have to ask.. if you're not getting your needs met, who's meeting your husband's? What's he doing or maybe who is he doing? Does he think it's a problem? Maybe you two should make a real concerted effort to find or make the time to do something satisfying your needs. Maybe arrange for a babysitter and surprise him at work? Spice it up. Cheating sucks. Everyone can offer you advice about going out and find some random guy, but will that really solve the longterm issue you're having? Otherwise, consider a divorce. You are the one who has have to live with yourself and the choices you make. You can justify it all you want, but when you're in a marriage or a relationship with kids, it no longer involves just you.

  • Regardless of anything said below, if you do this you will regret it, you will always feel guilty and it will affect your relationship with your husband. Think carefully before you do anything, your first direction to look should be in your relationship - try to find ways of getting what you need there - surely you must be together at some times. S** isn't confined to the bed, be adventurous, try it in the car or book a motel when you can be together. Try adding some spice for you both. If none of this works you should first separate then you can go out looking. By the way, use protection, especially with strangers. Oh, if you get to my party of town look me up (he he he)

  • Dont be like a w**** and try to be decent

  • You should definitely totally absolutely unquestionably go out and get your ass laid. Just pick a guy -- any guy. It doesn't have to "lead" to anything or go anywhere; all it has to do is scratch that magnificent itch you've got up inside you. And if it does lead somewhere, then you've struck paydirt, girl, and you should keep going back and back and back and back to that same wonderful man. That's exactly what I did when my husband stopped taking care of my physical needs, and I don't have any regrets whatsoever. Don't listen to these name-calling numbskulls: go get what you need, and DON'T LOOK BACK!!!

  • become like d*****-s*** on adultwork and f*** 20-30 guys bareback in a night over a park bench then get back into the car and f*** your bf.

  • ride the big c***!

  • I agree with this advice . . . . . . and the BIGGER the BETTER!! Yeah, bay-bee!!!!!

  • I cheated. The guilt is difficult to live with. If you're going to cheat, make sure the guy is amazing in bed and that it's worth it. Nothing worse than self-loathing from cheating and it was a lousy lay.


  • yeah voted get rid of all that pedo s*** in the top-confessions.

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  • is confessionPost malfunctioning? whats with all these "Black/White trolling"?

  • I have been think of having s** with a prostitute its not that i cannot get a girl, but i like the idea of paying a girl for an hours encounter. Or it maybe the fantasy of sleeping with w****, Anything wrong with me or that.

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  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion. What would America be without freedom of speech? America with its stereotypical views upon different races.All the controversy, a blessing and a curse. We are poisoned as a child and throughout our lives to view the world a certain way. Raised to think and act differently from everyone else. We get so caught up in our own lives but never actually get to view what life would be in their shoes. Their struggles. Society is built to follow stereotypes although we may not notice but it is promoted within our television shows,internet, even books. What about the ones that don't fit into ordinary stereotype?(ever think of that one) Poverty, perception; has no color and is never ending for greed will always overcome and leave no space for peace. Instead of pointing the finger at the black man point the finger at your white ancestor.Whom created a government that laid the foundation to follow the stereotypical views created to run America making blacks, Hispanics,etc statistics.

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  • Just divorce and do not cheat you dumb future w****!


  • U suggesting I get a male prostitute or that I prostitute myself out?

  • I did not write that comment but why not if like s** and money.

  • I don't think this is uncommon. I am happily married and I'm a male, but I still have fantasies about s** with ex's. I've even had fantasies about, like you said, meeting a random woman and going to a hotel room or something and having s**.

    I'm not sure when you originally posted this, but if it has been a while, have you given in to those thoughts/desires?

  • I posted an hour or 2 ago. And I'm getting off reading other's confessions. I have urges that need to be satisfied. Even 1 time with a stranger

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