Don't know what to do

I have been dating a girl of age 15 and she is a virgin...she says that she wants me to be her first, I'm 18 and i feel like she is a young girl and i am abusing her. i don't know what to do. i guess i should be with her or not.
also i like her but i like another girl who is older than me by 2 years. i want to date her but the young girls is running trough my's hard to make a choose.

i met the girl's parents but i don't know to leave the young girl alone and to find someone better than me, i love to have s** and im not a guy that have a relationship for long....i don't wanna hurt her but f*** don't knw wat to fukin do...

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  • F*** her brains out. Seriously, why wouldn't you? S** is the best thing in the world and YOU are preventing her from finding that out. Are you going to grow old together? Probably not, especially if you're having doubts at this point, but you only live once so start now!

  • If you're having any doubts about this, walk away. This girl is not only too young for you, but I don't think that you're ready for the amount of responsibility that would come from this... or the consequences. Just remember, unless you're in a country where 15 is a legal age to consent, 15 is seen as too young to consent to s** and you will be seen as a s** offender if someone were to report you. Now right now you're saying "but none of them would do that", but never underestimate the power of an upset teenager- or that of her friends and family. There's a lot of guys who got arrested for statutory rape (or rape in general) because someone reported him to "get even" or because one person didn't approve.

    That you're already looking at other girls shows that you're not 100% into this relationship and that this is probably a case of forbidden fruit more than actual love or real affection. Do the both of you a favor and break up with her, at least until she's 16-17.

  • The 15 year old is far too young to make a decision like this - she is possibly 'infactuated' rather than 'in love'. Don't hurt her, stay her friend but you need to sow your seed with someone more mature and ready. BTW hers is not the first heart you will break and some girls will break your heart too. You are young, you have a lot of living to do yet.

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