I Thought We were Just Friends??

A friend and I like to get together and drink. I always spend the night because we drink a littletoo much. Our kids play together & they always fall asleep before we do. The last time we hung out we decided it was time to go to sleep because we were both totally wasted. I layed down and the next thing I know she comes in, yanks off my underwear, spreads my legs apart and begins licking my c***? She spread me open and sucked on me and even rammed her tongue inside. I'm so confused because I got so into it that I pulled my bra up over my nipples and began tugging and rubbing on them. I grabber her head and made her ram her tongue in and out of me. Why in the world would I let her do that? I thought she was a freind, but now I havent talked to her in weeks. What should I do??? I really don't want to do it again but now she may think everytime we hang out it will happen and I don't want to be mean.

May 20, 2012

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  • Does not seem legit. If you where pleasuring your self while she was licking you, seems straight forward you liked it. If not just tell her it freaked you out and you don't want to do it again.

  • You are BI, at least. You are lying if you don't want to do it again. You would of stopped right then!

  • have a heart to heart talk and open up about your feelings, be mature. professional

  • I agree, just tell her how you feel about the whole thing.

  • so someone gave you an awesome o***** and now you're afraid? ungrateful

  • A video of the event would be most helpful in framing my advice.

  • Haha. Love it. Would probably get me going...

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