I want her...

Before I start I want to specify that I am 19yr old and a grown ass women just looking for advice.

Okay so here it is...

I am completely infatuated with my bestfriend, all I can think about is touching her ,undressing her and liking her p**** till she c*** all over me. When we were little we were each others first, kiss,f***, everything. But after that nothing and we lost touch for about four years. When we ran back into each other she was in a committed relationship and I had just gotten out of one, after her relationshilended we are back to being very close friends but
because we are so close she will get naked infront of me...it takes everything I am not to go for it. I've told her that I want her and she still gets undressed infront of me and will touch me in very sexual ways. My problem is that she is so F****** sexy I don't know how much longer I can stop myself. Should I tell her I want to make her moan my name or do I keep it to myself?

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  • you need to tie her up and lick her p**** then let a dog doit

  • I would be tempted to slowly move in close, while she is undressed, tuck a tendril of loose hair over her ear and begin tracing my fingers down her neck. I know I know my post was not helpful at all but your self control is amazing and you are probably doing what's right for her... But if she has reacted positively to your subtle increasing advances then do what's right for your heart.

  • wow that is so sexy. i love lesbians!but wow you are stupid as h*** if she is undressing in front of you and touching you sexually its obvious she whants the D or P in this case.

  • That's hurtful, lol, it's not that simple I don't want to lose her friendship and I just found out she engaged to be married within the year to this dog of a MAN. So I think Im just gonna bow out gracefully.

  • Go for it! Since she also touches you maybe she also wants to just that she's a little more shy to tell you.

  • lick her p**** and then, f*** her and post it on pornhub xoxo gossip girl

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