Before we got married

Lissette and I loved f****** and she was built like goddess huge pear shaped ass as thick as a women at 16 years old pale white skin brown curly hair just beautiful so I would f*** her outdoors or f*** her so her mothers tenants could see her beautiful naked body with her legs spread wide & t*** handing out while she slid a huge d**** in her hairy c*** lying on her parents bed when they weren't home ...the house phone was directly across from her parents room so while talking to me on her cell phone sometimes the tenant from Mexico would receive phone calls and someone would have to call him to come upstairs ,she said, he would talk for a long time irritating her sometimes . I told her to lay on her parents bed one leg on the bed and the other on her parents dressier her panties hanging from her ankle spread nude infront of the open door after she called him to come upstairs for a call I told her to masturbates and not stop no matter what closing her eyes she began to rub her c*** slowly at first I directed her to moan loudly without shame she did so ,,I asked what the old guy was doing she replied that he was watching her but discretly he had released his p**** from his pants and was stroking himself eventually standing infront of the doorway she said in English because he didn't understand I could hear everything ,her moans ...then I asked her to look at his c***, she did then I told her to let him f*** Her if he approached suddenly the phone muffled and she wasn't alone the old man entered her p****, she moaned and so did he suddenly c****** about 5minutes into thier heavy breathing 54 year old c*** for 16 year old gf.she then pretended to be mad and screamed for him to get out before she told her parents then she finished fingering herself describing just how a older man's c*** felt inside her she said she felt him nut inside her but held him close without pushing him off that she wanted more of his old man c*** that she purposely held him and wrapped legs around him to his last stroke pulsated loads of hot sperm inside her as he grunted suddenly going limp and heavy on top of her I came twice.

Aug 26, 2020

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