I am in a relationship for past one year with the most wonderful guy in the world..I love him truly..
I used to be in a relationship with another guy when I was 14..That guy has seen me naked and we kind of had s**..not that he penetrated or anything..but put his thing bw my legs and moved..we ended our relationship ..
I found my love at our common class..I instantly fell for him..he proposed to me..and I said "yes" (that was the most wonderful day of my life)

I told him about my ex..but did not mention the intimate part..I fear losing him..Also, my best friend fell in love with my ex..which made the situation even worse..she hates me now..thinking that I betrayed her...(God knows how)

And I am a free bird..I love to explore my own sexuality..I sometimes watch inappropriate videos..But that doesn't take away the purity of what I feel for him..

Am I a good human? Am I doing correct?
I am honest to him..and I will touch no man other than him..
he will be the only person who makes love to me..
Should I forget whatever happened in the past?
Sometimes I don't like the fact that Mia (my best friend)
is dating my ex boyfriend..
does that mean I still have feelings for him?

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  • Nooooo... Ua nt doin bad... Be happie vd ua presnt bf......... Itzz usual majority hav ex n hd s** vd dem n al... Juzzz chill baabyiii....

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