How can I tell?

I am a fourteen year old girl. Okay, got that out of the way. I have had sexual thoughts about other girls. I've been on p*** sites and felt more aroused looking at pictures of women than looking at pictures of men. I have no desires to have s** with a guy, and I don't ever fantasize about d****. A girl on the other hand, I would love to have a chance to have s** or a relationship or both. I've actually had sexual dreams about girls. But even with all of this, I love gay couples (i.e. Two dudes in a loving relationship, most often in books and comics and what not). But still, no desire to interupt them, just want myself a girl. I've heard that desire for the same gender is just a stage, espescially for someone my age. Be honest, am I f***** up, a lesbian, seriously what the h*** is wrong with me?

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  • Is it really that hard to just realize you're gay? You're a h*** and you're always gonna be a h***, there's no getting around it so you might as well just go buy the strapon and get used to it. Or you could try a lobotomy

  • you're a lesbian. don't feel guilty or think you're "f***** up" by being aroused by other women .

  • Your a Lesbian and its ok to be one because your aroused by women no need to experiment but its up to you because you seem to be more of a lesbian then a heterosexual or bi-sexual.

  • Im sick of ppl experimenting on gay stuff. Stop IT ppl, its F****** ANNOYING!

  • You could be lesbian, which there is no problem with that whatsoever.

    Or you could be like me. I'm attracted to men and want a relationship with a man, but I have no interest whatsoever in d****, and get more turned on watching lesbian p*** then straight p***. Honestly, I think I'm bi-curious. Haven't had much experience with either s** so I may need to experiment a little. Still, I think there's something wrong with me. haha

    Either way, if you're lesbian, bi-curious, bisexual, or straight-- don't limit yourself. Experiment. It's the only way you'll know for sure who you are.

  • Totally gay

  • oMG WE ARE THE SAME. EXACT. PEOPLE. i feel the exact way you do, im 14, not into the guy parts, and love KURT AND BLAINE! :D (glee thing) but i think were like that cuz i mean maybe your bi, but i think IM like this because were just more comfortable with the female body, and were teenage girls going through puberty so no matter what were looking at were like instantly h****..:P lol :)but seriously, no stress bro(: -me

  • I love Kurt and Blaine, too! :D

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