Married Woman, 22, craves multiple lovers

From 8 to 22, I have hungered for multiple lovers in one session. Honestly speaking, mentally I am a completely polyamorous nymphomaniac but interestingly enough I married a very monogamous man just after turning 21. Strangely my passion does not feel bridled.

You see I am also a skilled artist with many talented friends. My art enables me to exchange my work with composers abroad. Indeed it is a very pleasurable activity. In fact these musical connections are so pleasurable that I have chosen to regard them as loveless romances.

I often think about these things in silent moments. Those wild moments of solitude where I allow the notes of another to completely enrapture my senses and ravish my body. I am always ready to submit to every raw emotion a musician may decide to inflict with the subtle turn of their wrist or fingers. Though I have always listened to music in ways that make my heart race... As an an adult woman with an enormous capacity for passion the listening experience I described has grown beyond arousing in a most fragile way.

My adaptation to a monogamous marriage would never be fully understood by my husband. Nor would my actions be rightfully acknowledged but observed as "sinful" feelings to abolish. Though I have no intention of marring the purity of our union to fulfill my hunger... I willingly admit I was too young to realize the definition of what it is to be married to one partner.

Still a deeper confession is my wish to explore the limits of my sexual hunger alongside my husband as partners. These wishes will never be answered with approval and encouragement. If he were to sever our ties because of my emotionally challenging fantasies, I would never forgive myself for hurting him so.

I simply hope he chooses to believe that I have surrendered my all to him and serve him dutifully as a wife can. Even if I was confronted about these most personal feelings I could never alter my way of thinking. I was born one way and I have adapted to living another way. My controlled explorations of passion through the art of sound will be my only relief but I will hope for a chance to physically engage with other men and women if the opportunity was honestly presented to me.


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  • There is a great difference between a monogamous emotional pair bond, and multiple sexual partnering. The key is how to make your husband feel secure. The easiest is to ask him. Start with it being something your saw on TV, read in a book or magazine about a woman who loves and adores her husband, but want multiple sexual partners.
    Tell him you just started to wonder how you would be able to deal with him having a numb of women. What would he need to do to make you feel safe and secure in your relationship.
    Then just turn that to him. What would he need to feel safe and secure? Would he want to watch?
    When I was in HS my gf went off to f*** another guy. She'd f***** other guys before, always with me and with me "forcing" her to do this. She was suppose to come over and never showed. I knew they were having the mythic perfect f***. Turns out she was having a night,are and didn't want to bring the bad vibe to me. A few weeks later she was f****** a different guy. It was fantastic, she came over and over, looked into his eyes with love, then turned to me and told me she loved me more than anything in the universe.
    She could fall in love five times a week, she could love and adore man after man, they were all me. Every man who f***** her, every man who made her come, every man she fell in love with were all me.
    Talk to your husband. You can still be monogamous (this is the emotional, business pair bond of marriage) while still having multiple partners.


  • Don't abuse her. We all want to fk lot of people

  • Those opportunities for physical intimacy --- both raw and refined --- will certainly present themselves to you. And you will take them all. Why? Because that is who you are and that is a thing of true beauty.

  • I couldn't agree more. do it as often as you can. And keep it a secret--it's really delicious that way

  • I express sincere gratitude to the minds behind the above 2 comments. I have taken your words to heart.

  • Your post was quite eloquent. But as a point of clarification, are you looking for some dp action?

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