Moving toward a poly family situation.

Eleven years ago I came out as bi. Seven years ago I admitted to my best friend that I couldn't see myself as monogamous. I almost didn't date him because of it. We talked for hours. He understood and said we could give us a try. Five years ago we got married. Still we fooled around with friends. I didn't want to have one night stands. We wanted love, not just s**. We discovered Polyamory. Then about a year ago he met a woman. They fell for each other. She was cool and all and we became fast friends. Now I am falling for her.
We are planning for our future together. Kids, jobs, a mastiff, and a house with a really large bed! <333
When I first tried finding myself as a teen I had no idea that non-monogamy was even an option. I think poly is something that should be better understood and embraced in our society. If I would have known more about it early on I think I could have saved a lot of years of grief and self-hate.
I never thought life could be this good. I love you, both of you. <3

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  • I do wish i could be in relationship like that. Me a guy and two girls. I would think that if one wants space then i could have fun with the other. Likewise it would be great if they were turned on by each other

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