I hate all blacks

They're all loud, ugly, dirty, and dirt poor. All blacks do is stay home eating chicken and watermelon. They make more black ugly babies named lafonda, shaquita, and taquito.
Mexicans work at restaurants and costruction. Whites work in offices and indians run their own businesses.
And the blacks? They're home eating kfc. Other than that they're stealing and breaking in.
They live off government aid. They're pathetic and worthless like mosquitoes.
White girls? I don't understand why they have s** with blacks. Ever been to a black persons house? They're are roaches EVERYWHERE. I can't imagine having s** with a dirty, black disgusting p****.
But hey if you want to live like that.
They think the world owes them something because of martin luthers black ass. WOW.
NO ONE likes yall. Only your own kind.
I know others feel like me.

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  • Black guys r f**** ur fairy ass

  • I agree with you, such black people should be killed. Especially the tall ones. They are a waste of space!

  • You racist a******. I should kill you. Or curse you. Many blacks are simply in poverty because the place they live in is in poverty. Some of the best actors are black, like Queen Latifa, Morgan Freedman, and others. FYI, Blacks have plenty reason to dislike whites-in the times of America before the Civil War, nearly every black was enslaved. And they were treated harshly.

  • You are talking sh*t. the white man educated your baboon ass to write that way.

  • Oh by the way i heard n***** make a lot of noise whiles having s**. There is something wrong with the black p****, it cannot be controlled, it should be killed.

  • Hey dude, are you for reals

    I thought all this way of thinking died out in the 80's Hmmm you must be from the SOUTH!

  • Hey wait a second...I'm white and i just LOVE KFC...

    I'm also pretty sure no black mama would ever name her baby Taquito... Although Taquito Jackson is kinda catchy..

    Either way...you're pretty disgusting...The thought that people like you not only exist, but (God have mercy) procreate as well.

    Since you obviously learned nothing before you dropped out. Martin Luther was white, I believe you meant Dr King, who indeed was black.

    It's 2012... Move out of 1960 Mississippi already

  • Don't you DARE ever insult Mississippi. While I get what you're trying to say, not everyone from this state is racist.

  • They should be calling their children baboon.

  • go f*** urself

  • you are one lame excuse of a human being.

  • OK, some black dude f***** your girlfriend. We get it. So did she.

  • I Hate all confession that are reposted like this one.

  • F*** off you already post this inside arguerant.com

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