Am I racist?

I feel so terrible for feeling this way. I know that just because a large group of people have done something wrong, that doesn't make them bad people, but I'm a black female who can't stand other black females. I try my best to stay away from them. Besides my family, I can't think of one black female in my life who cared for me. They're two-faced, loud, most are ghetto. Even if they seem nice they tend to s**** me over in the end and I'm sick of all the drama. Anytime I was in trouble (I'm manic depressive), it was a white person who got me back on track. I'm on a penpal website, because I want to learn German and I'm thinking of writing some black women from other countries and try to befriend them. Maybe they're different..

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  • The answer is yes, you're a racist.

  • ........jesus....n******................

  • I drive to the stores in the next town over - an extra 30 minutes each way - to get away from the black women customer service people in my local stores. I'm an upper-middle-class white guy. I don't feel comfortable going out without at least a tie on. And whenever I go to the local stores, looking like the successful person I am, the black women behind the counters ALWAYS give me attitude.

  • That's cause you are an uppity white boy who thinks his s*** don't stink.

  • Although that is a possibility, we can't be sure. :/ Black girls used to look at me funny when they saw me with my white boyfriend. But I think in retail they're just irritated because they hate their jobs, because I know how they feel, lol.

  • I've had the same problem throughout my life. I don't want to feel racist but black women almost ALWAYS are the ones who cause major problems for me. I'm positive it's not that I treat them different. I mindfully come at every person I meet regardless of gender, race, etc. with an open mind and treat them exactly the same, with kindness and politeness. But all I get back from most [but not all!] black women is hatefulness and rude bitchiness. So many of them seem to have an arrogance problem as well. I'm white though which makes this even uglier. :[ Maybe it's just a culture friction thing? I don't want to be a racist. And I've known plenty of black girls who are totally fine. And it's not just the ones that "act white" either, so it's not about that. I don't get it.

  • Yeah, I've been known to "act white". I thought that hanging out with black women who were under the same category as me would work, but no. I made some new white friends. I've also been speaking to this black girl. We're both into Japanese fashion. xD She's super nice, so yeah, I know it's not ALL of them.

  • By the way, I'm a fellow German student... ich hoffe du fuehlt wohl! ...please excuse my broken grammar hahah! it's been a few years since my last formal class :x

  • Keine sorge. Mein Deutsch ist auch nicht gut. xD

  • If you're not familiar with it google the term 'crab bucket'.

  • That could be the case... o.o

  • There a nice black women everywhere. You just haven't met any yet. As with any race, you get the not so good and the real good.

  • You are not racist you just don't like stupid behavior anyway black women from europe and africa are different they are one of the best people in the world.

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