My guiltiest pleasure

I live in india and premartial s** is a taboo here...
Yet i had s** with my girlfriend when i was 17.
we loved each other a lot and had planned to marry each other.
But due to some reasons we broke up.
Now i feel guilty that i ruined her life.
Shes been in depression from last 4 months now.
I want to go back to her, but she doesn't want me back.
she just keeps on repeating that i ruined her life.
I can't live with this guilt. Its eating me up.

Any suggestion?

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  • you didnt make her have s**, it was a mutual decision. she should stop blaming you and take some responsibility.

  • say your are sorry and move on. you didn't ruin her life. she will have others and so will you

  • try to make her understand that you are here for her..she is right that u have ruined her please dont be late...go to her,plead her,cry for her,say that u were wrong earlier.... make her yours...good luck

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