pot ruined my life. I'm failing school. And I fear I have no future and will end up being a failure.

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  • Oh, see, thats just the paranoia. Its not the pot. Your just not as smart as you thought you were and you probably will be a failure. But you will be stoned so you will be ok with it.

  • Listen to Samuel Jackson : that s***'ll steal your ambition. I've never heard it put more finer than that, because that is exactly what it does to some people.

    Get off it. Substitute pot for something that is less destructive. Whenever I think about going to my old dealer so I can roll a fat f****** T-Rex joint, I go for a run or lift some weights.

  • Its not the pot you should blame. YOU should be smoking AND getting out and studying and all that sort of crap YOU were supposed to do it all. Pot may have been an influence but if it was always pot ALL of us wouldn't have gotten out of high school.

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